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Guide to 10 Best Free AI Selfie Generators Available Online

ByAmirah Tan

Sep 13, 2023
Best AI Selfie Generators

In this age of innovation, gone were the days when the perfect shot relied on angles and lighting; today, our photos are storytellers, they are filled with emotions, and they craft unique experiences.

With so many digital tools for image enhancements out there, where do we even begin and are we even doing selfies right if we aren’t using AI generators?

Well, join me as we embark on a journey through the realm of AI selfie generators, discovering the one that will weave magic into your every click!

The Rise of AI in Photography

Thanks to the growth of AI technology the birth of AI-powered tools and apps are making it easier than ever to take great photos.

From AI selfie generators to automatic photo editing software, AI is making photography more accessible and creative for everyone, not just photographers.

Personally, here are some of the ways that I believe AI is changing photography:

  • Eliminate need for editing skills : AI selfie generators can create realistic and creative selfies without any editing skills; it can automatically enhance photos, remove blemishes, and correct exposure.
  • Transform text-to-images: AI can be used to create new photorealistic images from text descriptions.
  • Use of augmented reality (AR) : AI creates AR experiences, blending digital content seamlessly with real-world environments.


From Selfies to Avatars: Why You Should Create AI Selfies for Social Media, Gaming, and Business

Here’s why you should hop on the AI generated selfie trend. Firstly, they’re your creative playground, allowing you to experiment with different looks and styles.

Beyond vanity, AI generated selfies also add a splash of fun to your social media game, turning your photos into instant conversation starters.

So, whether you’re looking to boost your selfie game or express your creativity, AI selfie generators are the way forward!

AI Selfies for social media

AI selfies increase social media presence. Whether you’re an influencer or seeking a stunning profile picture, AI selfies cater to the rising demand for attention-grabbing content.

Artificial intelligence makes content creation effortless, attracting engagement from your audience. The outcome? Captivating posts that stop your audience from scrolling away!

AI Selfies for Gaming Character Creation

Gamers, embrace the future of unique character creation! Picture yourself as a personalised avatar, seamlessly merging with your favourite games’ characters. AI-generated avatars intensify gaming immersion, ensuring your character mirrors your identity.

Whether you battle fantasy beasts or dominate esports, AI selfies can add individuality in your virtual persona. Exciting, isn’t it?

AI Selfies for Anime Lovers

Anime enthusiasts, you can now achieve the iconic anime look with big eyes, colourful hair, and whimsical backgrounds using artistic filters.

Whether you’re cosplaying or adding an anime touch to photos, AI selfies unlock endless creative possibilities to transform you into your favourite characters.

AI Selfies for Business (AI Headshots)

In the business world, first impressions are crucial. AI selfies easily create impressive headshots, boosting your online presence.

They leave a lasting impact on platforms like LinkedIn and your website, enhancing your professional image. In the professional world, your image speaks volumes, and AI selfies ensure you make a lasting, impactful impression.


Picture Perfect AI Selfie : Top 10 AI Selfie Generators


1. Lensa

Features: Focuses on AI image enhancement and avatar creation.

Pros: Easy to use, effective image enhancement.

Cons: Limited avatar customization options.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM122.90

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android).

Lensa is an AI selfie generator that can enhance your portrait selfies and create the perfect shot. It can erase blemishes and apply stunning filters to reveal your best self.

But here’s where the AI-powered marvel of Lensa truly shines; Lensa can also create avatars of you by feeding a few selfies into its database. The creative possibilities are endless with Lensa, making it a must-try in 2023.


2.YouCam Makeup

Features: Offers AI-powered makeup, beautification tools,and art filters

Pros: Realistic makeup effects, user-friendly interface.

Cons: Some features are locked behind a paywall.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM24.90/month

Platforms: Available as a mobile app (iOS and Android)

YouCam Makeup, the ultimate makeup photo editor, your digital stylist, and selfie saviour all rolled into one. This app has many AI features to offer such as AI Avatar, AI Art, AI Headshot and more.

Easily access this app through Google Play or Apple Store and the app is free unless you want to subscribe to the premium version.

The premium packages unlock more AI features that can help unleash your inner artist, capture the essence of each moment, and embark on a journey to picture-perfect selfies.

Deep Dream

3.Deep Dream Generator

Features: Transform photos into dreamy artworks.

Pros: Unique dream-like effects, artistic filters.

Cons: Limited free features.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM 89/month

Platforms: Web based

Deep Dream Generator is an AI image generator that can turn your words into vivid, dreamlike images. Just type in your thoughts and watch as the magic happens.

Created by a Google engineer, this text and image prompt based generator springs into action when you type in your thoughts. The result? Surreal, dreamlike compositions that are nothing short of captivating.



Features: Age, gender, and style transformations.

Pros: Fun and playful, realistic transformations.

Cons: Privacy concerns in the past.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM19.90/month

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android)

FaceApp is like having a team of professionals at your back call, ready to enhance your selfies with a single tap.

A remarkable choice of face filters, effects, backgrounds, and other creative tools await, each designed to effortlessly transform your photos into seamless, realistic masterpieces.

The fun and funniest feature of this app is the gender swapping AI filter which can give you a glimpse of how you might look like the opposite gender! Talk about the power of AI!



Features: Provides AI-based photo editing and art effects.

Pros: Comprehensive photo editing tools, artistic filters.

Cons: Some advanced features are paid.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM 34.81/month

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android).

Fotor is an AI selfie generator that can make your photos look like works of art. It has a variety of pre-made styles to choose from, or you can create your own.

Fotor also has advanced features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) editing and the ability to make beautiful collages and designs. It is created with an intuitive interface with the ability to be accessible on multiple devices too!



Features: Enhance old or low-quality photos, remove blurriness, and restore details.

Pros: Great for improving old photos, user-friendly.

Cons: Limited free features.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM22.90/week

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android).

Remini is an AI picture generator and enhancer that can breathe life into your old, low-quality photos. It has two exciting new features: the Baby AI, allowing you to see your chubby, adorable baby self, and the Wedding AI, letting you try on dreamy wedding dresses.

Reviews from Remini users praises for its image restoration capabilities and user-friendly interface.

However, there are some notes of caution, like how the premium functions can only be accessed through a subscription plan and the automatic face editing that might not suit everyone’s taste.


7. DeepArt

Features: Transform photos into artworks inspired by famous artists.

Pros: Extensive art style options, high-quality results.

Cons: Limited free features.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM 46.10/month

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android).

DeepArt.io is a website that uses AI to turn photos into works of art. This website uses the power of a new algorithm called “A Neural Algorithm of Artistic Style” to let users combine the style elements of one picture with those of another.

This lets them make stunning visual fusions that look like the work of famous artists. Whether you wanted to infuse your selfie with the flair of Van Gogh or turn your vacation snapshots into Picasso-inspired wonders, DeepArt.io can make it possible.

Dell.e 2

8. DALL·E 2

Features: Create images from textual prompts, surreal and imaginative outputs.

Pros: Cutting-edge AI, limitless creative possibilities.

Cons: Limited availability.

Pricing: Varies based on usage.

Platforms: Limited availability on both app and web.

Meet DALL·E 2, the revolutionary AI that turns text descriptions into breathtaking images and art. Want a flamingo in a spacesuit, a flying castle made of watermelon, or a futuristic cityscape with dystopian charm?

DALL·E 2 can bring these fantastical visions into reality. In the realm of creative possibilities, DALL·E 2 stands as a gateway to a universe where your imagination is limitless.


9. PicsArt

Features: Generate images from text, add stickers, effects, and more.

Pros: All-in-one creative platform, user-friendly.

Cons: Free version contains ads.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM 9.36/month

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android).

PicsArt is an AI selfie generator and creative tool that can help you create eye-catching visuals for your social media. It has a variety of features, including filters, effects, and frames, that you can use to transform your selfies into shareable masterpieces.

PicsArt is easy to use and can be used by anyone, whether you are a seasoned content creator or just want to elevate your posts.



Features: Create visuals with text, templates, and design elements.

Pros: Versatile for design projects, user-friendly.

Cons: Advanced features are behind a paywall.

Pricing: Free ai selfie generator. Get premium at RM 29.90/month

Platforms: Mobile app (iOS and Android), web based

Canva is easy to use and can be used by anyone, whether you are a design pro or a newbie.

Imagine having the power to transform your ideas into stunning visuals effortlessly, create logos that scream your brand’s identity, banners that grab attention, flyers that tell a story—all at your fingertips.

Canva’s treasure of templates ensures that your creations are as unique as your imagination. Whether you’re a design pro or a newbie, Canva levels the playing field, making the art of visual storytelling accessible to all.


Overview of 10 Best AI Selfie Generators

AI Selfie Generator Features Pros & Cons Pricing Platforms
YouCam Makeup AI Avatar, AI Art, AI Headshot

Pros: Realistic makeup, user-friendly interface

Cons : Premium features require a subscription plan

Free with premium options iOS and Android
Lensa Focus on background editing, unique filters

Pros: Easy to use, effective image enhancement

Cons: Limited avatar customization options

Free version & with premium membership at RM 122.90 iOS and Android
Deep Dream Generator Transform text into dreamy artworks

Pros:Unique effects, artistic filters

Cons: Limited free features

Free version & with premium membership at RM 89.00/month Web based
FaceApp Age, gender, and style filters

Pros: Fun and realistic transformations

Cons: Privacy concerns in the past

Free version & with premium membership at RM 19.90/month iOS and Android
Fotor AI-based photo editing, art effects

Pros:Comprehensive editing tools, artistic filters

Cons: Some advanced features are paid

Free version & with premium membership at RM 34.81/month iOS and Android
Remini Enhance old or low-quality photos

Pros: Great for improving old photos, user-friendly

Cons: Limited free features

Free version & with premium membership at RM 22.90/week iOS and Android
DeepArt Transform photos into artworks

Pros: Extensive art style options, high-quality results

Cons: Limited free features

Free version & with premium membership at RM 46.10/month iOS and Android
DALL·E 2 Create images from textual prompts

Pros: Cutting-edge AI, limitless possibilities

Cons: Limited availability

Varies based on usage App and web based
Generate images from text, add effects

Pros: All-in-one creative platform, user-friendly

Cons: Free version contains ads

Free version & with premium membership at RM 9.36/month iOS and Android
Canva Create visuals with text, templates

Pros: Versatile for design projects, user-friendly

Cons: Advanced features are behind a paywall

Free version & with premium membership at RM 29.90/month iOS, Android, & web-based


How to Generate AI Selfie/ Images of Yourself: Step by Step

How to Generate AI Selfie

Step 1: Discover Your AI Image Ally

If you’re about to embark on an exciting journey into the world of AI-generated images, make sure you find the right AI picture generator. Your trusted guide has to be an app or software that could help you generate cool AI selfies that you want.

If you’re confused, this review has the top 10 best free AI selfie generators. Choose one that fits your criterias to begin with.

Many AI apps and software have a vast and diverse dataset used to train their AI producing realistic, top-notch images that’ll have you coming back for more.

Step 2: Snap a Stellar Selfie

The key to AI magic? A stellar starting point. Grab your camera or phone, find good lighting, and strike your best pose.

The higher the resolution, the better the results. No distractions in the background, please. If you’ve got a professional photo handy, even better.

For ideal results, a well-lit, front-facing image with a neutral expression and a clear view of your face is your best bet.

Step 3: Feed the AI Your Image

Now, the most awaited moment of transformation. Upload your high-quality selfie to the AI image generator.

Here’s where the machine magic happens. AI tech gets to work, analysing your features and creating a unique representation of your face.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets at recognizing you and crafting even more accurate images of yourself.

Step 4: Customise Your AI Alter Ego

It’s time to play an artist. Once the AI works its wonders, you can dive into customization mode.

Change your hairstyle, experiment with clothing, or switch up the background. Some generators even let you tweak facial expressions, eye colour, and skin tone.

Let your creativity shine as you create your unique AI image.

Step 5: Unleash Your AI Image

Your AI image is ready for its debut. Put it to use in various ways. Use it as your profile picture on social media for a touch of mystery or personalization.

Embrace it as your avatar in online games or forums, where your AI twin can represent you. And don’t forget its potential in marketing materials, research, or even artistic endeavours.

Your AI image is a canvas for your digital dreams.


Ethical and Privacy Concerns of AI Selfie Generators

AI generated selfies inspire creativity but raise ethical and privacy concerns. Misuse could lead to fake content, identity theft, and biases.

User consent, data control and responsibility on the innovation is crucial. Collaboration among users, developers, and policymakers is also needed to establish ethical guidelines and robust privacy measures, preserving individual rights and societal values.

Data Security and Privacy Policies

When dealing with AI picture generators, prioritise data security and privacy policies. These tools often involve uploading personal photos, so ensure your data is handled meticulously.

Opt for platforms with strong security measures like encryption and secure data storage, crucial for safeguarding your personal information. Trustworthy AI generators typically implement stringent data security measures.

Always review these policies before using an AI generator to ensure your personal information remains safe and protected, serving as your digital safety net.

How to Protect Your Identity

When using AI selfie generators, safeguard your identity by avoiding the sharing of highly personal images.

Use publicly available photos for AI-generated images or consider using a pseudonym to prevent misuse of your AI-generated image.

Be cautious about where and how you share these images, particularly on social media. Once online, it’s challenging to control their use, so prioritise discretion and protect your privacy.


Final Thoughts

In the captivating world of AI selfie generators, our journey from ordinary selfies to extraordinary digital artistry has reached its conclusion.

With each click, we’ve seen the transformation of boring snapshots into wonderful images. AI has ushered us into an era where creativity knows no bounds.

Whether you’re an influencer aiming to captivate your audience, a gamer seeking a personalised avatar, or a professional looking to make a lasting impression, AI picture generators offer boundless opportunities.

As we venture forward, it’s crucial to remember the ethical considerations and the need to protect our privacy in this digital landscape.

AI selfie generators are powerful tools, but remember, their responsible use ensures that we reap their benefits without compromising our digital identities. Happy snapping!


Frequently Asked Questions

Are AI images illegal?

No, AI-generated images, including selfies, are not inherently illegal. However, the use of such images for deceptive, harmful, or unlawful purposes can be.

Always use AI selfie generators responsibly and respect privacy and copyright laws.

Are the AI selfies free?

Many AI selfie generators offer free versions with basic features, but some premium features may require a subscription or payment.

It varies by platform or check our pricing for top 10 best AI selfie generators listed above.

Can AI generate fake human faces?

Yes, AI can generate fake human faces that look remarkably real. These AI generated selfies or faces are often referred to as “deep fake” images which can raise concerns about deep fake misuse. Ethical and legal considerations are essential when creating and sharing such content.

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