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10 Best Free AI Voice Generators in 2024

By Audu Buba Published July 5, 2024
Best Free AI Voice Generator

AI Voice generators are becoming more popular, and many people use them to generate voiceovers. In this article, we will share the 10 best free AI voice generators. The AI tools are cost-effective, allowing individuals and businesses to access high-quality voice synthesis without investing so much to pay voice-over artists or celebrities.

Most AI voice generators are easy to use and convert text to voice. Even if you don’t have the technical expertise to produce high-quality audio, you can use AI voice generator tools. They don’t have a sophisticated interface. We will explore the top options and check out their features and overall performance to ensure they meet your needs.

What is An AI Voice Generator?

Before we dive deep and explore an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Voice Generator, it is software that uses Machine Learning Algorithms to synthesize human-like speech. By converting text into natural-sounding Audio, these tools can create voiceovers for video or audiobooks or even engage voice responses for customer service. There are many use cases, and we will talk more about them in the article.

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Top Free AI Voice Generators (2024)

AI Voice Generator Voice & Languages Audio Quality Customization Options User Interface Export Formats Key Features
Murf AI 100+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Tone Pitch, Speed Adjustment User Friendly MP3 Extensive Voice Library, Voice Cloning
Lovo AI 150+ Voices, 33 Languages High Speed, Pitch, Emotion Adjustments Intuitive MP3, WAV Real-time Preview
Descript 30+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Voice Editing, Over Dubbing Intuitive MP3, WAV Text-Based Audio Editing, Transcription
ElevenLabs 20+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Voice Cloning, Intonation Control Developer Friendly MP3, WAV Advanced Voice Cloning
Synthesia 50+ Languages High Voice and Video Customization User Friendly MP4(video with Audio) AI Video Generation, Multi Language Support
Clip Camp 20+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Basic Speed, Pitch Adjustment Simple MP4 Integrated Video Editing, Easy Export
Speechify 30+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Speed, Pitch Adjustment Easy to Use MP3 Celebrity Voices Available, Text to Speech
Google Cloud Text to Speech 30+ Voices Multiple Languages High Speed & Pitch Adjustment Simple MP3 Integrates with Google Services
Canva 120 Voices, Multiple Languages High Edit Voices User Friendly MP3 Access to Different Templates
Play HT 20+ Voices, Multiple Languages High Speed & Pitch Adjustment Simple MP3 Advanced Dubbing

1. Murf AI

Murf AI

Murf is one of the best free AI voice generators, and individuals and businesses can use the tool to generate voices. The AI tool has an easy-to-understand interface; you can also choose from the voices you can edit.

It is focused on text-to-speech generation, no-code voice editing, AI-powered translation, and AI voice deployment to apps via API. Murf’s AI dubbing feature is in Beta and available in over 20 languages. It has a wide range of collaborative features, and the vocal quality is also impressive.

You also get many free resources to understand how Murf works if you are finding it challenging to navigate the AI tool. It is available on the web, and there is no app support for Android or iOS.


· Free Plan

· Integrates with Canva

· Change Voice pitch speed

· Supports Multiple accents and 20 Languages

· Different types of Voices


· Free Plan is Limited to 10 Minutes of Voice Generation

· Better Quality Voices Only Support English

· AI Voices can only be downloaded with Paid Plans

Pricing: Free: $0, Basic: $19, Pro: $26, Enterprise: $75


2. Lovo AI

Lovo AI

Lovo is an easy-to-use text-to-speech AI tool that generates a text block into a voice for different use cases. You can use it to create explainer videos, one-liner projects, demos, and podcasts. With Lovo, you can choose emotion, language, and voice, transforming your text into a realistic human-like voiceover in seconds.

There are 25 emotions to choose from, with over 150+ high-quality voices. You also get voice cloning and voice changer with Lovo AI, making it one of the best AI voice generators.

You can add pauses, edit pronunciations, nonverbal sounds, background music, and emphasize words to make your content sound how you want it to. They also have an AI video generator, Genny, that lets you create voiceovers with video.


· Free Plan

· Built-in AI voice Generator

· High Quality Voices

· Supports 100+ Languages

· Filters AI Voices Based on Age, Education Level, and Use Case


· Expensive

· Free Version Offers Only 10 Minutes of Voice Generation

Pricing: Free: $0, Basic: $24, Pro: $48, Pro+: $149


3. Descript


Descript is one of the best AI voice generator tools. It lets you generate and clone your voice with just a few minutes of audio. You can also edit your voice if you discover mistakes in pronunciation after recording audio.

On Descript, you can transcribe audio for one hour per month and use text-to-speech, AI voice changer, and voice enhancer features. The AI tool can also remove noise and unwanted ambient sounds for better audio quality. The free plan lets you transcribe audio for one hour per month.

They also have an extensive library of stock voices. It is easy to use, and you can also use descript to edit videos in real-time.


· Free Plan

· Easy to Use

· Library of Stock Voices

· Enhance Audio Recordings in Various Formats

· Natural Sounding Realistic Voices


· Web Only, No Mobile App

· Free Plan is Limited

Pricing: Free Plan: $0, Creator: $12, Pro: $24, Enterprise: Custom Pricing.


4. ElevenLabs


ElevenLabs generates realistic AI voices from text and takes it further by adding intonation and accent. The platform offers different voices and languages to choose from. You can also choose a dialect on the website and easily generate professional voiceovers.

There is a voice lab where you can experiment with age and gender. You can also configure the accent strength. They have a speech synthesis that will create natural-sounding audio. It understands text nuances to create crystal-clear sounds with accurate intonation and resonance.


· Easy to Use

· Supports 29 Languages

· Intonations and Accents Available

· Free Plan Available


· Free Plan is Limited

Pricing: Free Plan Available, Starter: $5, Creator: $11, Pro: $99, Scale: $330.


5. Synthesia


Synthesia is best known for creating AI videos with AI voices. It’s more like an all-in-one platform. The AI video platform has text-to-speech features in its editor. You can use it to generate natural-sounding AI voices in over 130 languages and different accents.

You can also clone your voice based on recorded audio; just enter your script into the editor and pick from different avatars for your video. Synthesia will detect the script language and pick a voice for you. You can preview the audio before downloading. As far as AI voiceovers are concerned, Synthesia is one of the best.


· Automatically Generates Captions for video

· Generates Video and Audio Simultaneously


· Free Plan is Limited

· No Emotions from AI Avatars


6. ClipChamp


ClipChamp is owned by Microsoft and is a video editor suitable for beginners. The editor has different AI features, including AI voices in different genders, tones, and languages. You can create lifelike voices for your content.

You can also edit the pace and pitch of your AI voice and adjust the volume to low or high. There are over 80 languages, and it is available on Mac for Apple ecosystem users. It does not have features like those on other AI voice generators listed above. You can also back up your content on the platform before and after editing.


· Easy to Use

· Control Speech Parameters

· Mac App Available

· Stock Library of Video, Audio & Image

· Affordable


· Free Version is Watermarked

· Lacks Some Advanced Features for Voice Cloning

Pricing: Free Plan, Premium: $4


7. Speechify


Speechify is one of the best tools for AI voiceovers. It generates sounds like a trained voice actor. The audio is well-paced, calm, and consistent. Its best use cases are for productivity, and the homepage is quite straightforward. You get to see some celebrity voices and try them for free.

It is available on Mac Android, Chrome, IOS, and Edge, and you can use it for AI dubbing, AI voice cloning, and even AI video. They also have a tool that can put together a simple slide for presentation. It is a versatile tool, and you might consider it for AI voice generation. The AI tool can turn large documents into voice.


· Easy to Use

· Versatile AI Voice Generator

· Over 80 Languages Available

· Celebrity Voices Available


· Free Plan is Limited

Pricing: Speechify Limited: $0, Basic: $24, Professional: $32, Premium: $139, Enterprise: Price Available on Request


8. Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

This software converts text to speech using a Google API. You can generate custom voices from a library of over 200+ voices and over 40+ languages.

There are Neural2 voices and studio voices, which you can use. You can also train a custom voice model from your audio recording if you want a particular voice for your voiceovers.


· Easy to Use

· Generate Different Types of Voices


· Dosent Work Offline


9. Canva


You may have used Canva to create graphics or other media projects. There is more to Canva than graphics because they have an AI voice feature for generating voiceovers. It is available in over 20 languages, including Spanish and French.

You can use the AI voice-over tool on Canva for YouTube videos, podcasts, and audiobooks. They have an AI video section, which you can use to produce high-quality content. You can also control the pitch, tone, and speed on Canva.


· Create and Edit Voice on Canva

· Multilanguage Support

· 120+ AI Voices


· Limited Free AI Voices

· Fewer Languages than other AI Voice Generators

Pricing: Free $0, Pro $15, Teams $12, Enterprise Custom Pricing.


10. Play HT

Play HT

Play HT is one of my best Artificial Intelligence voice generation tools. It has a library of 907 voices, and it is available in 142 languages. Users can create their own AI voice agents and set the parameters and prompts for how they should respond to users’ requests.

Other features include an API for developers and a simple table for tracking agent conversation history. You also get access to different agent templates that are prebuilt on the platform.

A pronunciation library also lets you define and save pronunciations for future projects. You can also create multiple voices for a single audio generated. This is very useful for a podcast.


· More Voice and Language Options than Others

· Easy to Use


· Multilingual features are Limited for Voice Cloning

· Character Limits in Free and Creator Plans

Pricing: Free Plan $0, Creator Plan $31.20, Unlimited Plan $99, Enterprise Plan is Custom.


Choosing the Right AI Voice Generator

When choosing an AI voice Generator, some key factors are crucial to ensure you select the best tool for your needs:

Text to Speech (Natural Sounding vs Robotic)

Natural Sounding: High-quality AI voice generators produce speech that can be difficult to differentiate from human voice. This enhances user experience and makes the content more engaging.

Robotic: Lower-quality generators may produce more mechanical or artificial-sounding voices, which are less appealing and difficult to listen to for an extended period.

Available Voice Options (Language, Gender, Accent)

Make sure the AI voice generator you choose supports the language you need. This is important, especially if you are working on a multilingual project.

The availability of male and female gender provides flexibility in choosing an appropriate tone and style for your content.

Customization Feature (Speed, Emotion Control)

The ability to control the pace of the speech allows better alignment with the desired pacing of the content. Advanced generators offer emotions like happiness, sadness, or excitement, adding depth and engagement to the speech.

Download Options (MP3, WAV)

MP3 is widely supported on most devices and platforms and is the standard on most platforms. If an AI voice generator does not offer that file extension, then it’s a problem. On the other hand, WAV offers high quality, which is beneficial for professional projects where audio fidelity is important.

Ease of Use

A user-friendly interface ensures that even people with limited technical skills can navigate and use the tool. If it is straightforward to use it is a bonus because it will save you time and reduce frustration, allowing users to focus on creating content rather than struggling with the software.


Free vs. Paid AI Voice Generators

When considering AI voice generators, it is essential to understand the differences between free and paid options. Free versions offer different features accessible at no cost; paid versions often give you access to enhanced capabilities and additional benefits that will improve your projects significantly. A paid AI voice generator tool offers advanced features, and these can include:

  • High-Quality Voices
  • Extensive Voice Library
  • Customization
  • Higher Limits
  • Advanced Features like Voice Cloning
  • Support and Reliability

Comparison Pros and Cons

Aspect Free AI Voice Generators Paid AI Voice Generator
Pros Cost: No financial Investment Required Quality: Superior and Natural Sounding Voices
  Accessibility: Easy to try and Use without Commitment Variety: Larger Selection of Voices and Languages
  Basic Features: Adequate for Simple and Small Scale Projects Customization: Extensive Control over speech characteristics
    Usage Limit: Higher or Unlimited Usage Quotas
    Support: Enhanced Customer Support and Reliability
Cons Quality: May have more robotic voices Cost: Requires Financial Investment
  Limited Voices: Fewer Voices in terms of voice and accents Complexity: More advanced features may have a steeper learning curve
  Customization: Limited control over voice parameters Commitment: Often requires a subscription or a one-time fee
  Usage Limit: Often Comes with restrictions on usage amount  
  Support: Limited or no customer support  



This article explored some of the top free AI voice generators available in 2024, including Descript, ClipChamp, Synthesia, Murf AI, and many more. We also highlighted their key feature and benefits.

When choosing a free AI voice tool, consider your needs, such as the desired quality of the voice, the range of available languages and accents, customization options, and download formats. By assessing these factors, you can ensure that you select the tool that aligns with your project requirements.

It is essential to try different AI voice generators before selecting the one that best fits your needs. Each tool has unique strengths and features, and experimenting with them can help you identify the one that works best for you.


Disclaimer: Please note that free plans for AI voice generators may have limitations, such as restricted usage quotas, fewer voice options, and limited customization features. Additionally, features and availability can change over time, so it’s important to stay updated with the latest offerings and any changes to the service plans.

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