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Amirah Tan

Amirah Tan is a highly skilled writer with a passion for exploring the intersection of software and social dynamics in Malaysia. With a background in computer science and a deep understanding of the social impact of technology, Amirah brings a unique perspective to her writing. She covers a wide range of topics, including software development, emerging technologies, digital transformation, social media trends, and the influence of technology on society.

Amirah’s articles provide insightful analysis, practical tips, and thought-provoking discussions on how software and social elements intertwine in the Malaysian context. Her engaging writing style and ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner make her articles a valuable resource for readers seeking to navigate the evolving landscape of software and its impact on society in Malaysia. Through her work, Amirah aims to foster a deeper understanding of the dynamic relationship between software and social dynamics, enabling individuals and businesses to leverage technology for positive change.

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