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An Honest Review of Caktus AI – The AI Taking Over the Education World

ByAmirah Tan

Sep 4, 2023
Caktus AI Review 2023

What a wonder to be alive amidst all the available technology today especially if you’re a student! Back then, typing an assignment wasn’t a norm let alone utilizing AI to get your work done. That said, my recent experience with what I would deem the new ‘smart’ kid in town was rather wonderful! Although I may not explicitly use it for school (yes, I’m still young at heart) I have been trying to learn coding myself and I have had the privilege to experience this intelligent creation first hand! If you’re here wondering what Cactus AI is and how it can actually help you, then I have the perfect Caktus AI review written just for you!

An inside look at what Caktus AI is

As a coder seeking assistance, I was taken aback when I discovered that Caktus AI wasn’t just a writing tool – it was a game changer! Caktus AI is a groundbreaking generative AI platform that’s changing the way students and professionals approach various aspects of learning and writing. It goes beyond generating content for writing; it’s your math problem solver, your code snippet generator, and much more than any other AI out there.

Personally, I was most impressed by Cactus AI’s ability to maneuver through plagiarism detection and seamlessly include citations, making me feel like I truly have a genius teaching assistant by my side!


A guide to getting started with Caktus AI

How to Get Started With Caktus AI

Getting started with Caktus AI was rather simple. Below is a 3 steps guide that I put together just for you – this is exactly how I started with Cactus AI too!

Step 1 : Sign up for an account

Head on over to their website : caktus.ai/caktus_login and click on ‘Sign Up Here’ for a new account.



Step 2 : Provide details

Fill up the form fields required. They have kept it extremely simple by only requiring your name, email address and your preferred password. Click ‘Continue’ once you’re done.



Step 3 :Choose your preferred plan

Select your preferred payment plan. At the time of writing this review for you, there were only 2 plans available for me to choose. I believe this may change based on your location too.


Voila! You now have access to Caktus AI and can begin exploring their dashboard! On the dashboard you will gain access to amazing features of Caktus AI. Your dashboard will become your guiding compass throughout using Cactus AI. Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly I could navigate this tool. The design is clean and intuitive – they have built it with users like you in mind! Every corner is neatly labeled, making my initial steps feel like a walk in the park.


Step 4: Navigate through the dashboard


The dashboard is organized into sections, each catering to a specific purpose. Featuring Caktus AI writer tools for coding, studying, language learning, and even a playful corner – they’ve got it all. This thoughtful arrangement allowed me to delve into my tasks really easily, without having to spend time finding what is where! My personal favorite though, is definitely the sleek dark mode option. Not only does it spare my eyes during late-night sessions, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to the overall experience!


Exploring Caktus AI: A comprehensive overview of its features & functions


There really is a myriad of functions built into Caktus AI. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that I have personally used the most and also other features that though I don’t use as much, I strongly believe this is what sets Cactus AI apart from their industry peers.

  • Essay Writer
  • Code Writer
  • Language learning
  • Learning Support


Essay writer : Use Caktus AI as a writing tool

CAKTUS AI writing tool

While I may have used Caktus AI more for its coding tool (we’ll cover that next!) I definitely played around a lot with its writing tool, the Essay Writer. The Essay writer is a tool that generates academic standard essays. When you start off, you can select the difficulty according to your need by choosing a ‘simple essay’ or even a detailed essay, each that comes with its own variations.

I began by providing the prompt or topic to try out this tool. Then I let Caktus AI work its magic, weaving its advanced language models into a beautifully structured essay. Cactus AI produced a coherent masterpiece with beautifully flowing paragraphs. The best part? It even adds citation sources, saving you from endless Google searches.

Once the essay is crafted, I used the content improve tool to look out for suggestions regarding grammar, tone, and style. It truly did feel like having an AI tutor whilst writing. The use of the Essay writer tool is not limited to just essays. You can work on personal statements for your college or university applications, resumes or even cover letters to step into the professional world. Now, like all tools, I would highly recommend that you always fact-check, and ensure the accuracy of your essay. Otherwise, get ready to be enchanted by how it all comes together!


Code writer : How to use Caktus AI as a coding tool

CAKTUS AI Coding Tool

Yes, lo and behold, my life saver, the Code writing feature! I have to admit upfront that life definitely did get a tad bit easier with the Caktus AI’s coding tool. Using it was easy and seamless even for a beginner like me! To use this tool, I simply choose my preferred coding language like Python, Ruby or any other that is available and provide a brief description of the code I want generated. Cactus AI then created a functional code snippet that was ready to be integrated into my project.

Personally this feature saved me a lot of time as I used it every time I was stuck at writing my own code – it served as a ‘teacher’ or rather an assistant that was guiding me, finding the mistakes that I was making which was a great way to learn! Having this tool as part of Cactus AI definitely felt like a secret weapon!


Language learning tool : Language learning redefined with Caktus AI

CAKTUS AI Language learning tool

As I continued exploring Caktus AI, I came across the language learning tool and gave it a spin to pick up Spanish, hoping to one day live on the beautiful beaches of Costa Brava! I’m so glad that I decided to do so as I’ve found myself immersed in a truly innovative experience. This AI-powered platform doesn’t just teach languages; it fosters a deep understanding and connection to cultures around the globe.

There is an array of languages to choose from like Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French, Arabic, Mandarin, Italian, and more. Personally, after trying other language apps like Duolingo, I feel that what highly differentiates Cactus AI is its natural language processing power, which transforms learning into a personalized journey. It guides you through every aspect: from grasping alphabets to honing pronunciation, perfecting grammar, and delving into idioms and customs.

The language learning tool doesn’t just stop at written words—it goes beyond by enriching your journey with interactive language tutors. So, it really does not matter if you’re just starting to learn or you’re just brushing up your existing skills, Cactus AI’s language learning tool offers interactive engagement that accommodates your pace.


Learning support tool : Transform your learning experience with Caktus AI

CAKTUS AI Learning support tool

As someone who has experienced the transformative capabilities of Caktus AI firsthand, I can attest that it’s more than just an AI platform—it is truly a genius AI teaching assistant. Cactus AI was always developed to enhance learning and teaching aside from just being a writing tool. Below are some features worthy of your attention :

Automated grading feature

One such tool is the automated grading feature, which lightens the load for educators by automating grading and providing feedback. While I haven’t really had the chance to personally experience the grading and feedback feature on Cactus AI, it definitely provides a personalized learning aspect that stands out. This tool enables educators to craft tailored assignments, monitor student advancement, and provide tailored guidance, making learning a truly individualized experience.

Time management tools

What’s more, Cactus AI doesn’t stop at classroom tools; it extends its support to optimizing time management. Keeping tabs on assignments, setting reminders, and creating study schedules becomes effortless with the platform, allowing you to strike a harmonious balance. Additionally, the Integral Calculator tool also emerges as a life saver, simplifying intricate integrals with precision for those who need a hand with their math.

Text summarizing tool

However, what truly wowed me is the Text Summarizer—a tool that summarizes elaborate articles and textbooks into concise paragraphs, which not only saves time but also eases information retention.


Discover Caktus AI’s flexible pricing options

Is Caktus AI free? Short answer is, no but in all honesty, before signing up for Caktus AI, I already had a strange feeling that this genius assistant might cost me a leg and an arm. I was not too sure if I was ready for such commitments, but, frankly when I viewed their pricing plans, I must say that it was very reasonably packaged to subscribe.

If you’re unsure but want to still utilize their AI, I suggest that you go for the Monthly Plan.

At $14.99/month:

  • You will have access to all the remarkable features, encompassing Writing, Math & Science, and Coding tools.
  • Get unlimited credits, outputs per day, and premium templates,
  • Have the option of unsubscribing when and if you no longer want to use it (i doubt so!)

If you’re ready to commit like me, on the other hand, you can easily opt for 44% more savings by subscribing to their annual plan. At $ 8.33/month, billed at $99.99 annually:

  • You will have access to all the features that you use consistently (at a much lower monthly cost!)
  • Get unlimited credits, outputs per day, and premium templates
  • No qualms of re-subscribing every month


AI tools face-off: Caktus AI vs ChatGPT – What sets them apart?

Caktus Ai VS Chatgpt

Having explored both Caktus AI and ChatGPT, I’ve discovered distinct advantages and trade-offs between the two powerful AI tools. While in general Cactus AI stands out with its academic focus, catering to students and educators with features like essay writing, math problem solving, and coding assistance, ChatGPT offers a more generalized approach to content generation and conversation, making it suitable for a wider array of tasks like brainstorming, and general inquiries.

Caktus AI Aspect ChatGPT
Academic support, including essay writing, math problem solving, coding assistance, and language learning Key focus area General content generation, ideation, brainstorming activities
Subject-specific depth, especially in essay writing and educational content Content Depth Less in-depth for specialized subjects
Dedicated language learning tool with features like grammar improvement, and language translations Language Learning Minimal focus on language learning but can be used/prompted in different languages
Affordable pricing with monthly and yearly plans, as low as $8.33/month Cost Free for general use, but upgrade is made available for an advanced version at $20/month
Comprehensive academic tools including essay writer, math solver, coding support, and language learning Learning Tools Limited support for any specific educational needs

Ultimately, the choice depends on your intended use and whether you’re seeking specialized educational support or a more versatile conversation partner when you’re comparing both these AI tools. For our full ChatGPT Chrome Extensions 2023 guide, see this page.


Next-level AI choices: 3 Caktus AI alternative

1. Plaito AI

Plaito.ai is a dynamic and versatile AI-powered educational platform that offers a personalized approach to learning through tailored tutoring sessions, while adapting to individual learning styles and pacing.

Choosing between Plaito.ai and Caktus AI depends on specific preferences and learning goals. If a student thrives in a one-on-one learning environment and values a personalized curriculum, Plaito.ai could be a game-changer. On the other hand, if a student seeks a comprehensive platform with AI-generated content across various subjects, Cactus AI’s wide array of tools might be the preferred choice. Additionally, Plaito.ai’s emphasis on human interaction might resonate with those who find comfort in guided learning, while Caktus AI’s automation might appeal to those who prioritize efficiency and autonomy.

2. Socratic AI

Powered by Google, Socratic.ai is a robust AI-powered educational platform that emphasizes interactive problem-solving and instant assistance. Socratic.ai allows students to snap a photo of a question or problem, and the AI instantly provides step-by-step solutions, explanations, and relevant resources.

If a student seeks quick and precise problem-solving assistance, Socratic.ai’s image recognition capabilities should be their go-to tool as the platform excels in helping students grasp difficult concepts through visual explanations. On the other hand, if a student desires a more comprehensive suite of AI-generated content across various subjects, Cactus AI might be the preferred option.

3. Tutor AI

Tutor.ai focuses on personalized learning experiences through AI-driven tutoring and guidance. Its adaptive learning algorithms analyze individual learning patterns, strengths, and weaknesses to tailor lessons accordingly. This feature fosters a more customized and effective learning journey, catering to each student’s unique needs.

If a student values personalized instruction and adaptive content, Tutor.ai’s emphasis on tailoring materials can be highly advantageous. On the other hand, Cactus AI offers a diverse set of tools spanning various subjects, catering to a broader spectrum of academic needs.

The decision to choose between Tutor.ai and Caktus AI depends on whether a student prioritizes a highly tailored learning approach or seeks a comprehensive suite of AI-generated content.


The promising future of Caktus AI: Opportunities ahead

Recent updates of Caktus AI

As a dedicated user, I can confidently say that Caktus AI is committed to continuously growing and updating itself to keep up with us, taking learning to a whole new level. It recently rolled out its revamped interface, with a slick new class system that lets you stay organized like never before. Simply upload your syllabus, and watch Cactus AI extract all those crucial dates – from assignments to exams – making sure you never miss anything. Oh, and let’s talk about the Chat function – it’s like having a 24/7 study buddy! Ask questions, discuss your courses, and even create study guides based on your content. It’s a study revolution, trust me. And the cherry on top? Flashcards function just got a turbo boost. Crafting flashcards has never been easier – input terms, let Caktus fill in the definitions, and voilà! Use this function to ace that upcoming test. Cactus AI isn’t just evolving; it’s transforming how we learn! And I’m here for that!

Playing a vital role in the education system : Caktus AI

Amid concerns about AI diminishing human intelligence, it’s important to note that Caktus AI isn’t here to replace traditional learning but to complement and enrich it. I believe, rather than viewing AI as a replacement, it needs to be viewed as a tool that nurtures students’ abilities by offering a deeper understanding of complex concepts, improving writing skills, and supporting language proficiency. Cactus AI goes beyond conventional learning methods, offering personalized assistance that empowers students to excel. For students, it’s a dynamic companion, providing tools for efficient essay writing, complex problem solving, and language learning, enhancing their academic journey. Equally vital, Caktus AI lends teachers a helping hand by automating grading, offering personalized learning experiences, and streamlining administrative tasks. Parents, take note – investing in Caktus AI isn’t just about keeping up with technological trends; it’s about providing your children with a tailored learning experience that fosters critical thinking and creativity. Let’s not resist, but embrace this AI evolution – a future where learning is not diminished by AI, but truly empowered.

Anticipating the future evolution of AI in education

With the rapid advancements in technology, we should anticipate the emergence of even more sophisticated tools that cater to the individual needs of students, parents, and teachers alike. What could they potentially look like?

  • AI-powered virtual tutors
    Imagine AI-powered virtual tutors that provide real-time feedback and assistance, fostering a deeper understanding of complex subjects.
  • Elevating Collaborative Learning Environments to New Heights
    Collaborative learning environments will become more prevalent, enabling students to engage in group projects seamlessly, regardless of physical locations.
  • Gaining In-Depth Insights
    Receive comprehensive insights of progress, strengths, and areas for improvement, allowing for better support and involvement in a child’s education journey.
  • Effortless Administrative Tasks
    Teachers, on the other hand, can expect AI to streamline administrative tasks, giving them more time to focus on creating engaging and impactful lessons.

As we continue to embrace the potential of AI in education, it’s important to view these tools not as replacements for human educators, but as partners that enhance the learning experience.



As I reflect on my journey with Caktus AI, I’m amazed by its transformative impact on education. Today’s students navigate an exciting tech-driven world, and Caktus AI stands as a revolutionary ‘smart’ companion, reshaping their learning journey. Its accessible payment options makes it a feasible reality to many users, young and old alike. As a devoted user, I affirm Caktus AI’s growth mirrors education’s changes. It’s more than tech—it’s a guide to an enriched learning future. Welcome to education’s AI-powered horizon, all thanks to Caktus AI!


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Caktus AI legit?

Absolutely, Caktus AI is a legitimate and reputable educational tool. I’ve personally used it extensively and can vouch for its authenticity and effectiveness.

How Safe is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI prioritizes user safety and data security. They employ robust encryption and adhere to stringent privacy policies, ensuring your information remains confidential and protected.

Is Caktus AI free?

Currently, Caktus AI only offers paid plans. The premium plans provide access to advanced tools, features, and unlimited usage, enhancing your learning experience.

Who is Behind Caktus AI?

Caktus AI was founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang and developed by a dedicated team of experts in AI and education. Their mission is to revolutionize learning using innovative AI technology, and their commitment reflects in the tool’s quality and functionality.

Is Caktus AI better than ChatGPT?

Caktus AI and ChatGPT serve different purposes. While ChatGPT is versatile for generating text, Caktus AI is tailored for educational tasks, offering writing, math, coding tools, and more.

How Much is Caktus AI?

Caktus AI offers two pricing options. The Monthly Plan costs $14.99/month, and the Yearly Plan is priced at $99.99/year, which costs only $8.33/month.

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