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10 Best AI Apps for iPhone: Powerful AI at The Tips of Your Fingers

ByAmirah Tan

Sep 12, 2023
10 Best AI Apps for iPhone_ Powerful AI at The Tips of Your Fingers

As of 2023, there are about 1.76 million apps on the Apple App Store. But how many of them are useful for you? And do you know that some of these apps have powerful AI?

I’m pretty sure that there are lots of things you can do with your iPhone. My personal favourite would be watching movies on free movie apps for iPhone. Trust me, they are exceptional.

But that’s not the main story here. I would like to talk about AI in your iPhone.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a vital part of our daily lives in a society increasingly driven by technology. It is changing how we interact with our electronics, from virtual assistants to personalised suggestions.

Many AI apps are available for iPhone users that harness the power of artificial intelligence to make our lives easier, more organised, and more fun.

But which 10 Best AI apps for iPhone should you download?

10 Best AI Apps for iPhone Users

  1. ChatGPT
  2. Youper
  3. Wombo Dream
  4. Bing
  5. Elsa
  6. Pixelup
  7. Otter
  8. Socratic by Google
  9. Seeing AI
  10. Luma AI

1. ChatGPT


There is an almost 100% chance that if you own an iPhone, you know what ChatGPT is.

It is one of the best AI apps for iPhone hands-down.

It is a chatbot built by OpenAI that uses natural language processing to simulate human-like interactions, answer questions, and create content. Powered by the Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) model, it works with general and personalised data, developing responses through human trainer-ranked dialogues.

ChatGPT is useful for various tasks like coding, music production, email drafting, and content summarising.

For IOS users, there is a free version and a premium version, which costs $20 per month. The free version has restricted access to features, whereas the subscription version provides greater services, such as faster response and enhanced access.

ChatGPT, as you know, is not only on mobile. Its features are more expansive on desktop, so check out our article on the 10 best ChatGPT Chrome extensions.

2. Youper


Youper is a mental health software that employs artificial intelligence (AI) to tailor psychological treatments to the user’s needs.

It’s like carrying around an emotional health assistant.

The software is intended to aid in managing stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. Youper offers a variety of tools to assist users in better understanding and improving their mental health, such as brief discussions, mood tracking, and guided mindfulness exercises.

Its purpose and AI make it one of the best AI apps for iPhone.

Youper combines therapy and costs $5.83 per month. This means that, while there may be some free features, you will need to pay a monthly membership to obtain the full benefit of the app.

3. Wombo Dream

wombo dream

Wombo Dream is an artificial intelligence art generator that converts text into digital artwork. It is available on the web, iOS, and Android, with 34 different art styles.

Users enter a word prompt, select an art style, and the AI turns their concept into artwork in seconds.

Besides, It provides a wide range of art styles and modification choices, allowing users to produce various forms, such as movie posters, song lyrics, and journal entries. It also offers an easy-to-use interface that enables sharing on social media, saving for later, and browsing a global AI-generated art gallery.

While it provides free functions, you may need to subscribe to access more different art styles. The subscription is only $50 for the lifetime, and you can get access to exclusive art styles and generate multiple outputs by making up to four designs at a time.

4. Bing


The Bing AI app, often called Bing Chat, is a Bing search engine feature that includes a chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 technology.

It offers human-like responses to sources, assists with creative work, and functions as a conversational web search engine. The chatbot can receive text and visual inputs, making it useful for various jobs.

It can also generate content, provide summarised replies, and provide creative aid, such as writing emails or stories.

Bing is an AI search engine powered by GPT-4 and has taken the power of GPT-4 in partnership with OpenAI and enhanced it with real-time information and citations.

Of course, it’s free to use Bing search. However, Bing search can also be used for GPT-4, so the subscribed version will be the ChatGPT Plus, costing $20 monthly for enhanced access.

5. Elsa


ELSA, which stands for English Language Speech Assistant, is a mobile application that offers personalised English language courses using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The software focuses on improving the American accent, vocabulary, and grammar, including real-time speech recognition, accent training, and bite-sized lessons. It is intended for students, travellers, and professionals who want to improve their English skills and build confidence.

ELSA distinguishes itself from other speech recognition programmes by utilising AI technology derived from various English dialects to provide exact speech pattern identification. It gives real-time feedback on voice recognition, assesses pronunciation and fluency, and tailors learning depending on performance and behaviour.

ELSA has become one of the best AI apps for iPhone users because of its style, tools, and active learning methods.

Alternatively, you may pay $11.99 monthly to subscribe to ELSA Speak Pro and enjoy full access to unique content and daily customised lesson plans from your AI coach. You will also receive a full report on your pronunciation, which will assist you in improving in no time.

6. Pixelup


Pixelup is an AI-powered picture enhancer tool that transforms outdated, fuzzy photos into high-definition images. It uses powerful AI technology to immediately improve photo quality, colourise, and deblur old photos, transforming them into clear HD images. Users may also improve photo quality by uploading selfies or photographs, recovering old photos, making them HD, colourising black and white family photos, creating personalised AI avatars, animating photos, and quickly sharing them on social media platforms with this application.

Most of the features are available in the free edition. However, paying $2.41 weekly unlocks more picture editing options and unlimited access to its features.

7. Otter


Otter.ai is one of the best AI apps for iPhone. It helps convert audio conversations into searchable and shared smart notes, making note-taking and transcribing easier. Besides, it enables users to transcribe meetings, interviews, and recordings and include and distribute photographs into transcripts.

Moreover, Otter can import and export audio and video files and integrates with programs like Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Zoom.

It offers a variety of price levels, including free access and premium features that cost $16.99 a month for professionals, businesses, and enterprises.

8. Socratic by Google

Socratic by Google

Google Socratic is a learning software that employs artificial intelligence and search technologies to assist high school and university students understand their material. It links users to web resources and YouTube for learning support, including study guides, videos, and explanations for various disciplines.

The app allows students to request assistance via voice or video inputs and empowers them to direct their learning by freely picking subjects, resources, and tactics.

Of course, it is available in both free and paid versions. The free edition allows just 50 students per room and 5 quizzes, but for $89.99 a year, you can access infinite quizzes and manage up to 20 rooms.

If you are a student, this might just be one of the best AI apps for iPhone you’ll need.

9. Seeing AI


Seeing AI is one of the best AI apps for iPhone developed by Microsoft. Its great purpose is to help people with visual impairments by utilising artificial intelligence to describe people, objects, language, money, colours, and other items recorded by the device’s camera.

The software can scan barcodes, assess items, recognise emotions, detect photos in other applications, and offer audible explanations of the surroundings.

Seeing AI has become one of the best AI apps for iPhone users because it is free. However, for the paid version, you can do certain tasks offline.

10. Luma AI


The Luma AI app has become one of the best AI apps for iPhone users. It is designed to alter how we view and share memories by moving from 2D photographs to lifelike 3D experiences for memories, objects, and environments.

It enables users to make professional flythroughs with AI using only an iPhone. You won’t need drones to deliver superior 3D NeRF technology for lifelike experiences.

Although the Luma AI apps are free, using the API captures incurs a small cost of $1 for each capture.


AI apps have become indispensable tools for various jobs in a society driven by innovation. These best AI apps for iPhone provide users with powerful and innovative experiences right at their fingertips, from personal help to content production to learning and accessibility.

Each of these best AI apps serves different purposes and functions for iPhone users.

For that reason, I couldn’t tell which is the best. However, Bing has been one of the best AI apps for iPhone for me.

It is incredibly useful for everything I need, whether in answer searching or content outline generation.

So check out these best AI apps for iPhone now, and be prepared to be amazed by how far we’ve come with technology.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which AI app for iPhone is the smartest?

ChatGPT is an extremely advanced natural language processing and conversation engine backed by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 API. Youper, on the other hand, employs AI to help those with mental illnesses. Other programmes, such as Seeing AI, are intended to assist vision-impaired people in interpreting their surroundings. Each app might be deemed the ‘smartest’ in its respective categories.

Which is the best free AI app for iPhone?

All of these apps provide a free version for iPhone. Each AI app is considered the best in its category, so you may depend on what you need and choose any AI app to solve your needs.

What is the most powerful AI app for iPhone?

An AI app’s power can be measured by its capabilities, features, and technology. OpenAI’s official ChatGPT software employs GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, two of the most powerful language processing models. It is the most powerful AI app for iPhone, even for a free or paid version. It can help you to solve various needs.

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