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Tesla Model Y is now in Malaysia 2023

ByAmirah Tan

Aug 1, 2023
Tesla Model Y is now in Malaysia in 2023

The launch of Tesla Malaysia on July 20, 2023, at Pavilion Mall was a momentous occasion, as it marked the arrival of one of the world’s most popular and technologically advanced electric car brands. Due to Malaysians’ growing awareness of the value of protecting the environment and their need for more environmentally friendly travel choices, the launch was eagerly anticipated. Tesla’s cars are environmentally friendly and offer many cool features, making them a desirable choice for many consumers.

The event was also attended by many Malaysian government officials, who expressed their support for Tesla’s investment in the country. They said that Tesla’s arrival is a sign that Malaysia is becoming a more attractive destination for electric vehicle manufacturers.

The launch of Tesla Malaysia has been met with excitement from Malaysians eager to get their hands on one of the company’s cars. Those who attended the event said seeing how Tesla’s technology is committed to sustainability was amazing.

“I’ve been wanting to buy an electric car for a long time, and I’m so glad that Tesla is finally here in Malaysia,” said one attendee. “I’m really excited to test drive one of their cars and see for myself how it performs.”

Another attendee said that she was impressed by Tesla’s commitment to sustainability. “I’m really glad that Tesla is making electric cars that are good for the environment,” she said. “I think it’s important that we all do our part to reduce our carbon footprint, and Tesla is making it easy for us to do that.”

The launch of Tesla in Malaysia is a significant milestone for the country’s electric vehicle industry. It is a sign that Malaysia is becoming a more attractive destination for electric vehicle manufacturers, which will likely boost the demand for electric cars in the country. The official Tesla Malaysia price was also unveiled at that event.

The official Tesla Model Y price in Malaysia did catch some attention as the previous Recon Tesla car price in Malaysia were sold at a very high price.

According to the company’s regional director Isabel Fan, Tesla will install charging stations in Penang and Johor so that motorists travelling from Malaysia to Singapore and Thailand may recharge their cars. In a statement, Tengku Zafrul Abdul Aziz, the Malaysian minister for investment, trade, and industries, expressed admiration for Tesla’s decision to expand its operations in Malaysia.

He emphasised that Tesla’s presence in the country would enhance Malaysia’s reputation as a pro-business and pro-investment destination on the world stage. Furthermore, he expressed eagerness to attract other multinational investors who share their vision of fostering sustainable, balanced, and inclusive economic growth for the nation.


Tesla Model Y Malaysia Pricing

Tesla Model Y Malaysia Pricing

Three specifications are offered for the Tesla Model Y. The Tesla price in Malaysia price is as follows:

  • Tesla Model Y RWD – Price at RM199,000
  • Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD – Price at RM246,000
  • Tesla Model Y Performance AWD – Price at RM288,000

All of the above prices include SST.


Tesla Model Y Malaysia ownership cost

Purchase price:

The Tesla Model Y is priced at RM199,000 in Malaysia. This is more expensive than other electric SUVs on the market, but it is also more powerful and has a longer range (More information is given below)


Tesla Cars in Malaysia have a few advantages in the tax area. Newly registered CBU Tesla EV buyers will receive a 100% road tax exemption as well as a complete import and excise duty exemption. Prices still include SST, which is only exempt for CKD EVs like the Volvo XC40 BEV and Mercedes-Benz EQS.


Liberty Insurance has partnered with Tesla Malaysia and introduced a specialised insurance product called InsureMyTesla Comprehensive Coverage. This insurance is designed exclusively for new Tesla electric vehicles to cater to their needs and requirements.

Electricity costs:

You must first comprehend your TNB Taarif for a residential residence.You are aware that you will be charged more the more power you consume. As of January 1, 2018, the most recent residential TNB rate is as follows:

  • First 200kWh per month : RM0.218 sen/kWh
  • Next 201k – 300kWh per month : RM0.334 sen/kWh
  • Next 301k – 600kWh per month : RM0.516 sen/kWh
  • Next 601k – 900kWh per month : RM0.546 sen/kWh
  • Next 901kWh onwards per month : RM0.571 sen/kWh


Alternating Current Charging (AC)

AC charging is the prevalent way to charge EVs, categorized as Level 1 or Level 2. Level 1 charging, which requires a standard household outlet, takes 8 to 20 hours for a full EV charge. On the other hand, Level 2 charging, utilizing a dedicated 240-volt outlet, achieves a full charge in 4 to 8 hours. The installation of a dedicated charging outlet at home comes with a price tag ranging from RM3,000 to RM7,900, depending on the charging capacity, and additional costs may arise for infrastructure upgrades if needed.

Dedicated charging outlets can only be installed in landed homes in Malaysia. Apartment dwellers must rely on the developer or management company to install EV chargers. If you live in an apartment, you can still charge your EV using a regular wall socket, but this will take longer and may need to be safer. AC charging is the best way to prolong the life of your battery, although it is slower than DC charging.

Direct Current Charging (DC)

DC charging, or Level 3 or fast charging, is a rapid and powerful method that can fully charge an EV in as little as 30 minutes. It utilizes direct current and is available at dedicated public charging stations. While DC charging is suitable for long-distance travel and quick charges on the go, excessive use can decrease the lifespan of the EV’s expensive battery, the most costly component to replace in the vehicle.

Here is a fast and easy comparison of current RON95 pricing and EV charging rates.

Charging stations in the Klang Valley offer subscription packages and pay-as-you-go options. Prices range from RM240 per year to RM4 for unlocking and RM20 for five minutes of charging. Petronas’ Gentari fast chargers cost RM2.20 per minute. ChargeNow is exclusively for BMW owners at RM240 per year.


Tesla Model Y Specs

Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y SpecsTesla Model Y SpecsTesla Model Y Specs

Here is some more information about the Tesla Model Y:

  • The Standard Range trim has a range of a maximum of 455 kilometres.
  • All three trims of the Model Y are equipped with a 400V electrical architecture and a single battery pack.
  • The Model Y is powered by two electric motors, one on each axle. This car now has all-wheel drive and can handle slick situations.
  • The 100 km/h sprint can be done in 6.9 seconds. The top speed for the RWD is 217 km/h.
  • The wheels are 19 inches in diameter and can be upgraded to 20 inches for RM10,000 more.

Here is some more information about the Tesla Model Y Long Range in Malaysia:

  • The Model Y Long Range AWD is priced starting at RM246,000.
  • It has a range of 533 kilometres (78 kilometres more than the standard Tesla Y model)
  • It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 5.0 seconds.
  • It has a top speed of 217 kilometres per hour (similar to the Tesla Y Standard model)
  • An NMC-type battery powers it.
  • Acceleration Boost is available for purchase, dropping the 5.0 seconds acceleration time to 4.5 seconds. The price of Acceleration Boost in Malaysia has yet to be made available.
  • Acceleration Boost is unavailable when you order a Tesla Malaysia; you may purchase it through the app once you receive the car.

Here is more information about the Tesla Model Y Performance AWD

  • With a starting price of RM288,000, the Tesla Model Y Performance AWD is the most expensive Tesla Malaysia.
  • It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in 3.7 seconds, which is quite quick.
  • It has a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour.
  • It has a range of 514 kilometres.
  • An NMC-type battery powers it.
  • Additionally, it sports lowered suspension, performance brakes, a carbon fibre spoiler, aluminium alloy pedals, and 21-inch Uberturbine wheels.


Tesla Model Y Colours and Options

Tesla Model Y Colour

  • Pearl White: This is the most popular colour for the Model Y, and good reason. It has a timeless, classic style that complements anything.
  • Midnight Silver Metallic: This is another popular choice, and it’s easy to see why. The metallic finish gives it a luxurious look that will turn heads.
  • Deep Blue Metallic: This is a great colour for those wanting something unique. Any light makes the deep, rich blue seem fantastic.
  • Red Multi-Coat: This bold colour is sure to make a statement. It is ideal for individuals who wish to stand out from the crowd.
  • Midnight Cherry Red: This is a new colour for the Model Y, and it’s already getting much attention. It’s a deep, rich red that’s sure to turn heads.

The most expensive colour for the Model Y is Midnight Cherry Red. This is because it’s a new colour, and it’s also a very popular colour.

The price would increase by RM5,000 for black, silver, and blue and RM10,000 for red.

The delivery of the car is expected to start next year 2024.


Tesla Supercharge Location in Malaysia

Tesla Malaysia Supercharger locations that you can find in Malaysia

There are a total of 10 supercharges in Malaysia. In the Klang Valley area, there are two superchargers ports in Kuala Lumpur, one in Bukit Bintang, one in Bukit Jalil, Petaling Jaya and one in Dengkil.

One can also be found in Iskandar Puteri, Johor, and Negeri Sembilan in addition to the Klang Valley region. On the northern side, there’s one is Ipoh, Perak and Perai, Pulau Pinang.


Benefits of Owning a Tesla Malaysia.

Benefits of owning a Tesla in Malaysia

  • Lower operating costs: Teslas and other electric cars are far less expensive to run than gasoline-powered cars. Electricity has a far lower price than petrol, and it doesn’t need an oil change or a tune-up.
  • Environmental benefits: Electric cars have no emissions, making them more environmentally friendly than petrol-driven ones. In Malaysia, where air pollution is a big issue, this is very helpful.
  • Government incentives: The Malaysian government offers many incentives for electric vehicles, including a waiver of road tax for the first five years. This can help you save a large sum of money.
  • Convenience: Owning a Tesla is quite convenient. There is no need to bother locating a petrol station because they can be charged from home. They also have a built-in navigation system to help you find charging stations along your route.


**This article was originally published on August 1, 2023, and has since been updated to ensure accuracy, freshness, and comprehensiveness.

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