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Best Medical Card and Insurance Plans in Malaysia 2023 | Best Coverages with Good Values

ByAisha Liyana

Jul 28, 2023
Best Medical Insurance Plans in Malaysia 2023

Greeting to my fellow Malaysians! The necessity of acquiring trustworthy medical insurance coverage is evident as we navigate our lives in 2023. Years of immersion in the intricate world of Malaysian insurance have given me insights and information that I hope will help you navigate this occasionally difficult road. My aim? is to give you the resources and knowledge you need to select the best medical card in Malaysia.

Medical insurance has become more than just a necessity as we face the inevitable realities of life and stand on the verge of technological developments. It also becomes a pillar of our financial planning. Imagine a safety net that protects us from the unforeseen blows that life may deliver, such as an unanticipated illness or an accident. The ideal medical insurance plan guarantees a balance of monetary security, mental tranquilly, and top-notch medical coverage.

Understanding The Best Medical Cards and Their Benefits

For us in this modern day, a medical card is essential. A medical insurance policy or card is not all that it is. Consider it your own personal defence against rising medical expenses and unforeseen circumstances. This shield, also known as a medical card, might have a variety of benefits that are specific to our individual circumstances. But what does it entail?

A medical card primarily covers hospitalisation, surgeries, and frequent outpatient procedures. Due to their accessibility and extensive coverage benefits, these cards, particularly the standalone ones, are growing in popularity. But with so many possibilities, picking the best medical insurance in Malaysia might be overwhelming.

Brands like RHB, Great Eastern, Allianz, and Generali stand apart in the competitive market by providing their coverage alternatives, drawing on insights and professional suggestions. These companies have established a solid reputation as trustworthy insurers, guaranteeing that Malaysians can access the best medical insurance.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial to comprehend the specifics of insurance plans in addition to brand names. This requires understanding terms like annual caps, exclusions, riders, and waiting periods. Understanding the depth and breadth of coverage is key to ensuring the selected plan fits your unique health demands and budget.

With the proper information and comprehension, obtaining the greatest medical insurance in Malaysia is easier. Let’s make wise choices to protect our health and finances while we usher in a future full of opportunity. Keep in mind that having good insurance is the key to good health. Happy searching!

Which Medical Card Is the Best in Malaysia? 

When I originally set out to figure out which medical card in Malaysia is the best, I rapidly realised that the solution wasn’t that simple. Why? simply because a person’s greatest medical card in Malaysia may not be a person’s best option. Numerous elements are involved, including personal medical requirements and financial limitations. But comparing the best insurance providers in Malaysia helped me see things more clearly. Let’s start now.

1. AIA Malaysia:

  • Coverage: The comprehensive medical insurance plans offered by AIA are well-known. Their health cards frequently include options for outpatient care and complementary therapies.
  • Network: In Malaysia and other parts of Asia, AIA has a sizable network of panel hospitals.
  • Special Features: Some AIA medical cards include value-added services like health checks and immunisations.

2. Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad:

  • Coverage: A leader in Malaysia’s insurance market, Prudential provides a variety of medical cards to meet a range of requirements.
  • Network: Holders of their medical cards have access to a vast nationwide network of hospitals.
  • Special Features: They include plans with no lifetime cap and some with increasing annual caps, which is advantageous for people whose medical expenses are rising.

3. Great Eastern Life Assurance (M) Berhad:

  • Coverage: Great Eastern offers a range of conventional and cutting-edge medical insurance solutions as one of the country’s oldest insurance providers.
  • Network: Policyholders have access to a reputable hospital network.
  • Special Features: Great Eastern places a strong emphasis on wellness, and some of their medical cards give incentives for good health.

4. Allianz Malaysia Berhad:

  • Coverage: Medical cards from Allianz are frequently praised for their comprehensive coverage, which includes cancer treatment and outpatient renal dialysis.
  • Network: The wide selection of hospitals available to Allianz members ensures they’re never too far from high-quality care.
  • Special Features: The company caters to customers who travel frequently or seek medical care overseas by offering seamless international coverage in select plans.


No Problem With Health Insurance if You Have a Critical Illness

How their policy will respond if they are given a critical illness diagnosis is a huge concern for many. In such circumstances, certain insurance may include exclusions or limited coverage. I wanted to ensure my chosen policy would support me even under the worst possible health circumstances.

Five common medical insurance terms you must understand

Five common medical insurance terms you must understand

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had to deal with navigating the complex world of medical insurance at some point or another. The variety of terms and jargon might occasionally seem like a confusing maze. But don’t worry! Understanding the language of insurance can help you gain access to the best benefits, much as one must learn to dissect a durian to enjoy its delectable flesh. In this article, I’ll explain the five key medical insurance terminology that every Malaysian should know. Join me as we set out on this enlightening voyage!

  1. Lifetime Limits: This phrase comes up whenever I talk with friends about the finest medical insurance in Malaysia. Simply put, the ‘lifetime limit’ is the most an insurer will pay for your medical costs throughout your insurance. Consider it your lifetime “healthcare budget.” By choosing a plan with a higher maximum, you may be certain that you have a wide safety net.
  2. Annual Limits: Annual restrictions now focus on the present moment rather than lifetime limits, which look at the wider picture. This phrase refers to your insurance’s annual maximum for medical expense coverage. Understanding how this limit function is essential for anyone looking for the finest medical card in Malaysia to prevent unforeseen out-of-pocket costs.
  3. Waiting Period: Do you recall how eager I was to receive my first medical card? The ‘waiting period’ became quickly clear to me. This is how long you must wait to begin applying after buying a policy for some or all of its benefits. Consider it a “grace period” where the insurance company does not cover certain ailments or treatments.
  4. Exclusions: You locate what first appears to be the best medical insurance in Malaysia but subsequently learn that some ailments or medical procedures aren’t covered. That is an exclusion. They specify what the insurance won’t cover and are included in every insurance policy. To prevent unpleasant surprises in the future, it’s essential to become familiar with these.
  5. Riders: Just as I believed I had a firm grasp on my medical insurance details, I discovered riders. You can add these extra features or coverage to your primary insurance policy. They provide flexibility, enabling you to modify your policy in accordance with your unique requirements.


Comparison of the Top Medical Insurance Plans

Criteria Great Eastern Allianz AIA  Prudential
Monthly Premium Low as RM100 Low as RM100 Low as RM100 Low as RM100
Annual Coverage Minimum RM 1million Minimum RM 1million Minimum RM 1million Minimum RM 1million
Hospital Room & Board As low as RM 150 per day As low as RM 150 per day As low as RM 150 per day As low as RM 150 per day
Outpatient Benefits Diagnostic procedures including blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans that don’t require a hospital bed overnight are covered by outpatient coverage. Diagnostic procedures including blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans that don’t require a hospital bed overnight are covered by outpatient coverage. Diagnostic procedures including blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans that don’t require a hospital bed overnight are covered by outpatient coverage. Diagnostic procedures including blood tests, X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans that don’t require a hospital bed overnight are covered by outpatient coverage.
Critical Illness Coverage Yes Yes Yes Yes
Panel Hospitals Count 103 142 149 105

You may notice that the comparison table information is similar due to all the medical insurance plans providing the minimum needs. Still, there are differences in their riders. Medical Insurance plans as a piece of paper. Different options (riders) allow the consumer to customise what they need. My fellow Malaysians, all the details you may consult with a professional insurance agent to gain your benefits and rights.


Best Medical Insurance Plans in Malaysia 2023

Comparison of the Top Medical Insurance Plans

I was initially overwhelmed by the number of alternatives when I set out to find Malaysia’s top medical insurance policies for 2023. Finding the correct fit can feel impossible with the various medical cards and insurance plans available. Great Eastern, Allianz, AIA, and Prudential are the four titans in the sector whose plans I’ve chosen for my shortlist. Now let’s get into the specifics.

1. Great Eastern – SmartMedic Xtra

  • Coverage: 
    • Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits: Financial support for the price of any surgeries as well as hospital stays.
    • Outpatient Treatments: Coverage for medical procedures for conditions like dengue or Zika fever that don’t necessitate a hospital stay over night.
    • Daily Cash Allowance: A set daily allowance for insured patients undergoing treatment in public hospitals.
    • Organ Transplant: Covers major organ transplants with insurance.
  • Network:
    • Extensive panel hospital network in Malaysia, ensuring easy access to high-quality care.
    • Includes a few foreign hospitals as well, notably those in Thailand, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  • Special Features: 
    • Post-Hospitalisation Treatment: Even after discharge, coverage is maintained to guarantee that the cost of continuous medical care and therapies.
    • Guaranteed Renewability: Assures clients that their coverage will remain in place regardless of how many claims they have filed.


2. Allianz – MediSafe Infinite+

  • Coverage: 
    • Inpatient and Outpatient Treatments: Surgery, kidney dialysis, and cancer therapies are all covered under comprehensive protection.
    • Emergency Medical Assistance: Emergency medical care coverage, which includes ambulance costs and medical transportation.
    • Intensive Care Unit(ICU): ICU costs are fully covered.
  • Network: 
    • Extensive panel of hospitals in Malaysia.
    • Hospitals with a reputation for providing care internationally and in surrounding nations.
  • Special Features: 
    • International Coverage: Policyholders may receive medical care overseas, which is advantageous for frequent travellers.
    • No Co-Takaful: The cost of medical expenses is not shared by the policyholder.

3. AIA – A-Plus Health

  • Coverage: 
    • Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits: Covers the price of hospital stays, surgery, and food.
    • Outpatient Treatments: Extensive coverage for outpatient procedures, such as cancer therapy and kidney dialysis.
    • Medical Assistance Program: Coverage for second views and medical consultations.
  • Network: It is perfect for people who travel locally because of its extensive panel of hospitals and clinics located not only in Malaysia but also in other regions of Asia.
  • Special Features: 
    • Health Wallet: Benefits for medical examinations, immunisations, and other preventative actions.
    • Increasing Annual Limit: Every two years, the annual limit rises without a corresponding rise in the premium.

4. Prudential – PRUHealth

  • Coverage: 
    • Hospitalisation and Surgical Benefits: Comprehensive financial support for operations and hospital stays.
    • Outpatient Treatments: Kidney dialysis and outpatient cancer treatment are covered.
    • Childbirth Benefits: Financial rewards for giving birth, even if difficulties arise.
  • Network: Malaysia has a widespread network of panel hospitals, ensuring accessibility wherever you are.
  • Special Features: 
    • No Lifetime Limit: Ensuring long-term monetary security against rising medical expenses.
    • Escalating Annual Limit: The longer you have the policy without filing a claim, the higher the yearly coverage limit becomes.


How does Medical Insurance work?

How does Medical Insurance work


I had a thought one evening when I was enjoying a plate of nasi lemak. Shouldn’t we put more emphasis on our health in the same way that we Malaysians take great pride in our culinary delights and traditions? This motivated me to delve deeply into learning about medical insurance and how it functions in our country.

Our defence against unforeseen health problems and escalating medical costs is medical insurance, sometimes a medical card in Malaysia. Here is how I personally learned about it:

  • Policy Coverage: I started by learning precisely what Malaysia’s top medical insurance covers. It offers financial support for medical costs associated with hospitalisation, procedures, and outpatient therapies. It’s important to select a plan that considers your individual health concerns and potential dangers because different plans offer varying levels of coverage.

  • Premium Payments: It costs money, just like any other type of insurance. The regular payments I make to the insurance provider, known as premiums, maintain my policy. I discovered that they can change depending on factors including age, medical history, the amount of coverage, and even the insurer’s policies. The earlier you start, the more reasonable these premiums usually are. It’s a small investment for peace of mind.

  • Claims Process: Nobody wants to get sick, but medical insurance is there in case it does. I may receive treatment without having to pay for it right away by presenting my medical card at affiliated hospitals or clinics. Instead, my insurer would pay for these costs up to the maximum coverage allowed by my policy.

  • Policy Terms & Limitations: I became more aware of the value of comprehending policy words like annual and lifetime limits, waiting periods, and exclusions as I dug deeper. To prevent any unpleasant surprises during a health crisis, it is imperative to be aware of them.

Reflecting on my studies, I saw how important medical insurance is. A strong medical card is not only a choice but also a requirement when health worries are inescapable. Also, Malaysians have a wide range of options, including Great Eastern, Allianz, AIA, and Prudential, to select the best solution for their needs.


Why do you need Medical Insurance?

Why do you need Medical Insurance_

I wondered why we needed medical insurance, a subject that many of us Malaysians could occasionally take for granted.

My quest to understand the significance of a medical card in Malaysia revealed some important realisations:

  1. Guard Against Skyrocketing Medical Costs: I’ve seen a pattern in recent years: Malaysia’s healthcare price is rising. The cost of medical care has changed considerably. The financial burden of an unanticipated sickness might be debilitating if you don’t have medical insurance. It’s similar to keeping an umbrella for rainy days; even though you might not use it much, you’ll be happy you have one when it pours.
  2. Access to Quality Healthcare: It hurts your heart to learn that there is a long queue for a necessary procedure. With the top medical insurance in Malaysia, I understood I would have speedier access to therapies without waiting a long time, ensuring that health issues are addressed immediately.
  3. Protection Against Life’s Unpredictablities: a dear friend once said, “Life is as unpredictable as our monsoon season.” What a fact that is. We can never predict when a disease may strike. Thanks to my medical card, I felt comforted knowing I have a safety net to fall back on.
  4. Peace of Mind: Beyond the financial benefits, having one of Malaysia’s top medical cards provides a mental calm that is difficult to measure. In a world of uncertainties, there is one less thing to be concerned about.
  5. Early Coverage Benefits: Given the likelihood of pre-existing diseases as we age, the earlier you choose medical insurance, the greater the coverage. Additionally, premiums are typically less expensive when you’re younger.
  6. Family’s Well-being: This becomes even more important for individuals who have families. Medical insurance ensures that, in an emergency, our loved ones won’t be financially burdened.

Malaysia has many trustworthy insurance companies, including Great Eastern, Allianz, AIA, and Prudential. The issue is finding the best medical insurance in Malaysia suited to individual needs.

It was crystal apparent as I stood there among Malaysia’s heartbeats. A card in your wallet doesn’t constitute medical insurance. It demonstrates the importance you place on health and well-being in the face of life’s uncertainties and is a commitment to you and your loved ones. I, therefore, advise my fellow Malaysians to invest in their health because it is the ultimate source of riches.


Types of medical insurance

When faced with many jargon and alternatives, navigating the medical insurance maze can be challenging. However, it remains a vital barrier against unforeseen medical costs, protecting you and your loved ones from mounting medical debt. Here is a thorough analysis of the various forms of medical insurance available if you’re attempting to decide which kind of medical card is the greatest fit or seeking to discover the finest medical insurance in Malaysia:

1. Individual Medical Insurance:

  • Description: This plan is made especially for a single person and provides extensive benefits tailored to that person’s medical requirements.
  • Why it’s Relevant: It is ideal for people seeking insurance tailored to their needs or health issues.
  • Family Floater Medical Insurance:
  • Description: A single insurance that covers the whole family and offers protection for everyone under a single comprehensive plan.
  • Why it’s Relevant: Families benefit from it financially because it eliminates the need to handle various plans.

2. Group Medical Insurance:

  • Description: This benefit is provided to groups, frequently by businesses or organisations, and covers all members under a single policy.
  • Why it’s Relevant: Although it’s a useful complement to the benefits offered by employers, people should consider whether the coverage is sufficient or whether they require a separate personal policy.

3. Senior Citizen Medical Insurance:

  • Description: It is specifically created for the elderly and meets their unique medical needs and other requirements that arise with the advancing years.
  • Why it’s Relevant: This insurance makes sure that our elderly get the care they need without depleting their savings as medical requirements increase with age.

4. Critical Illness Insurance:

  • Description: This policy offers a lump sum total upon diagnosis of specified serious illnesses, assisting in treatment and recovery.
  • Why it’s Relevant: Having a safety net against serious health disorders is becoming increasingly important due to Malaysia’s rising lifestyle diseases.

5. Hospital Daily Cash Benefit:

  • Description: This particular coverage provides a daily allowance while in the hospital to cover other costs.
  • Why it’s Relevant: Medical costs extend beyond only treatment costs. This aids in controlling the extra costs associated with hospital stays.

The greatest medical card in Malaysia can be chosen regardless of the brand, including household names like Prudential or AIA. Matching the coverage to your personal and family demands is important. Having adequate medical insurance has evolved from merely an option to becoming essential as healthcare prices soar. Understanding these many insurance options is crucial for any Malaysian who wants to protect their health and wealth.


How to Choose the Right Whole Life Insurance Plan

How to Choose the Right Whole Life Insurance Plan

It wasn’t simple for me to go out on a quest to locate the greatest life insurance in Malaysia. The sheer number of options and factors to consider might be overwhelming. But I discovered that narrowing down the selection process to just a few essential factors could make things much easier. Let me go over a few of these crucial factors with you.

No Annual Limit, Adequate Annual Limit

The idea of annual restrictions was what initially drew my eye. Some policies have an annual payout cap, which might be problematic if medical expenses exceed this amount. I had to make sure the plan had a sufficient yearly limit or, even better, no annual limit to protect myself and my family. When unforeseen health issues arise, the “no annual limit” option might be crucial.

No Lifetime Limit

The absence of a lifetime cap also rose to the top of the priority list. As a result, there is no cap on the total payout that the insurance will make over the course of the policy. Knowing that the Malaysia insurance company I chose won’t desert me or my family if we ever experience multiple or protracted health concerns gives me peace of mind.

A Comprehensive List of Hospitals

Convenience and high-quality treatment are crucial considerations while seeking treatment. I understood the significance of selecting a policy with a sizable network of hospitals, particularly those recognised for providing top-notch healthcare. This guarantees that I have the flexibility and freedom to receive the greatest care without being restricted by geography.

Choose the Best Medical Card According to the Need

There is no one size fits all in insurance. Numerous medical cards are available from various insurance companies in Malaysia to meet the diverse demands of everyone. Before selecting the type of medical card most appropriate, I evaluated my health risks, lifestyle, and family medical history.

Understand the Features of the Protection Plan You Choose

It’s tempting to scan the policy texts while nodding in agreement. But taking the time to comprehend the characteristics, advantages fully, and—possibly most importantly—the constraints of my chosen plan was priceless. This guarantees there won’t be any nasty surprises for me later.

Take Into Account the Monthly Commitment That Needs to Be Borne

Understanding how much I’d pay monthly or annually for my chosen policy is important because money is important. The greatest plan, after all, is one that provides excellent coverage without being too expensive.

Conclusion: Choosing the right life insurance

I’ve learned throughout my life that making choices that are most significant frequently involves defending and guaranteeing the welfare of my loved ones. And what forms the basis of such a defence? An effective whole life insurance strategy. Understanding the complex dance between medical insurance and medical cards became crucial as I sorted through my alternatives. However, allow me to provide my closing remarks and sincere counsel to other Malaysians on this path.

At first, the plethora of options seemed overwhelming. The phrase “best medical insurance in Malaysia” kept repeating, but I couldn’t quite understand it. The fog didn’t start to dissipate until I took a step back. As you can see, there isn’t just one “best” choice. Instead, the focus should be on developing a strategy that perfectly fits our individual set of circumstances.

I learned as I learned more that a medical card in Malaysia offers something distinct from medical insurance, which offers a safety net for unforeseen health issues. It’s similar to having a guardian angel who ensures you receive timely medical care without worrying about paying for it right now. My first big realisation was the difference between the two.

My fellow Malaysians, I implore you to think carefully before investing. Know what you want your coverage to provide for you. Is it thorough protection, a list of advantages, or the comfort of knowing you can get the greatest medical care possible anytime you need it? The hunt for the greatest medical card in Malaysia becomes easier once your priorities are clear.

However, a word of caution: Even though our country offers various insurance options, it’s important to consider the specifics carefully. Examine the policy’s fine print to ensure there are no surprises, and most importantly, determine the insurer’s standing in the industry.

In closing, I want to remind you that life insurance is a commitment rather than just a piece of paper. a dedication to oneself and the people one holds dear. So, as you search for the ideal strategy, exercise diligence, ask lots of questions, and always put your needs first. Your future self and loved ones will appreciate the consideration and forethought you put out today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the most popular medical insurance?

According to individual requirements, popularity varies, but major options in Malaysia include Great Eastern, Allianz, AIA, and Prudential.

What are the top 5 health insurance agencies?

Some of the leading health insurance providers in Malaysia are Great Eastern, Allianz, AIA, Prudential, and Zurich.

How to choose health insurance in Malaysia?

When selecting health insurance in Malaysia, consider your needs for medical care, your financial situation, the policy’s coverage, your hospital network, and the insurer’s standing. Always read the terms and conditions of the policy.

How much does medical insurance cost in Malaysia?

Medical insurance costs vary depending on coverage, age, and other elements. On average, it can cost anything between RM 100 and RM 500 or more each month.

What are differences between a standalone medical card and a medical rider

Only medical benefits are offered by a standalone medical card. On the other hand, a medical rider is an extra benefit affixed to a primary insurance policy, such as life insurance, to offer medical coverage.

What are the benefits of having medical insurance?

Medical insurance provides financial protection against excessive medical costs, guarantees timely and high-quality healthcare access, offers peace of mind, and may also provide extra benefits like wellness programmes and yearly health exams.

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