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10 Best Car Insurance in Malaysia: Double Security for The Car, Driver, and Passengers

ByAisha Liyana

Aug 30, 2023
Best Car Insurance in Malaysia_ Double Security for The Car, Driver, and Passengers

Driving through the hectic streets of Kuala Lumpur or the picturesque lanes of Penang, I’ve always been aware of the road’s unpredictability.

My car, passengers, and I have always needed protection from unforeseen accidents and unprecedented damages.

After extensive research and several comparisons, I’ve concluded that obtaining the best car insurance in Malaysia is not a choice; it’s a requirement.

Join me on this trip to obtain exceptional protection in Malaysia.

General Coverages of Best Car Insurance Malaysia

General Coverages of Best Car Insurance Malaysia

During my search, I discovered that the best car insurance Malaysia has to offer usually includes a few general coverages:

  • Third-Party Coverage: This is the most essential coverage, covering damage to another person’s vehicle or harm to them in a collision where you are at fault.
  • Third-Party, Fire, and Theft: Besides third-party coverage, this protects your vehicle in case of a fire or theft.
  • Total Loss or Constructive Total Loss: This coverage comes in handy if your vehicle is damaged beyond repair or the repair costs more than the vehicle’s actual value.

Comprehensive Coverages

The best car insurance in Malaysia usually offers even more comprehensive protection under Comprehensive Coverages:

  • Accidental Collision or Overturning: Ensures that your vehicle receives the necessary repairs following an unforeseeable accident.
  • Fire, External Explosion, Self-Ignition, or Lightning: Your car is protected from stray fireworks or electrical faults.
  • Burglary, Housebreaking, or Theft: No more restless nights will be worried about car theft.
  • Natural Disasters: Nature’s unpredictable fury, from flash floods to ferocious hurricanes, will not discourage your journey.
  • Damage while in Transit: Your car is safe whether you travel by road, rail, inland river, direct sea route, or air.

Extended Coverages

Nevertheless, the adventure continued. The crown jewel in the best car insurance Malaysia has to offer is Extended Coverages, which adds even more protection:

  • Legal Liability to Passengers (LLP): Protects you from legal implications if a passenger in your automobile is injured.
  • Legal Liability of Passengers: Covers third-party damages caused by passengers.
  • Windscreen and Window Damage: You won’t be concerned about windscreen repairs because of a small pebble or trash on the roadway.
  • Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART): If the repairs take longer than expected, you will be paid for the inconvenience.
  • Flood Coverage: Designed specifically for damage caused by unexpected floods.

If you use your private vehicle for commercial purposes, you must have add-ons to your private car insurance. Check out our article on the best e-hailing insurance in Malaysia.

10 Best Car Insurance in Malaysia You Need To Consider

10 Best Car Insurance in Malaysia You Need To Consider

Like other concentrated markets, there are many insurance companies with tantalising offers. Each one claims to provide security, but which genuinely claims to be the best car insurance Malaysia has to offer?

Here’s my curated list, along with an overview of each item:

1. Etiqa – Etiqa, the pioneer of rapid claims, is at the top of the list. Their streamlined approach and extensive coverage options demonstrate that they care about more than just speed.

2. Allianz – Allianz, a global brand with a good reputation in Malaysia, offers a wide choice of policies that cater to everyone, from the everyday driver to the luxury automobile owner. They’ve mastered the art of balancing international standards with local requirements.

3. Zurich – Zurich has a balance of flexibility and security. Their adaptable plans enable personalised coverage, ensuring your unique demands are fulfilled without expensive add-ons.

4. AXA Malaysia – Their dedication to innovation is seen in their web portals and mobile claim submissions.

5. Great Eastern General – Great Eastern General, a historical brand with a deep foothold in Malaysia, does not rest on its laurels. Their many coverage options and years of experience ensured they made the list.

6. MSIG – The emphasis on clarity struck me as unique to MSIG. When navigating their policies, I discovered honesty and straightforwardness, which are critical when navigating the often-complex world of insurance.

7. Generali – Generali, a relatively new competitor in the Malaysian market, was impressive with its worldwide approach tailored to Malaysian drivers. Their low premiums and extensive coverage have certainly earned them a good reputation.

8. Takaful Malaysia – Takaful Malaysia is an alternative for people looking for Islamic-compliant vehicle insurance. Beyond Shariah-compliant services, their commitment to community and mutual help gives their policies a distinct advantage.

9. Liberty Insurance – Liberty Insurance offers you a good mix of traditional values and current options. Their selection of motor policies instils confidence, while their digital tools provide simplicity.

10. AmGeneral – The reputation of AmGeneral, a subsidiary of the worldwide AmBank Group, precedes them, and they provide both basic and specialised coverage geared to Malaysia’s broad market.

1. Etiqa (Etiqa Auto Insurance)

Etiqa insurance

Among the best car insurance in Malaysia, Etiqa stood out.

Etiqa Auto Insurance, their flagship insurance, combines innovation and comprehensive coverage. It’s not only about insuring an automobile with Etiqa; it’s about ensuring peace of mind.

Their quick digital services, customer-first approach, and impressive track record make them an appealing alternative for many Malaysians.

Benefit Highlights of Etiqa Auto Insurance

  • Fast Claims Approval: A guarantee that claims will be processed and approved within 30 minutes.
  • E-Claims: The digital claim submission method makes the procedure simple.
  • Special Perks and Discounts: Premiums are cut regularly, maintaining affordability.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Help is only a phone call away in the event of an unexpected breakdown.
  • Customisable Add-ons: Customise the coverage to meet your needs, from windscreen protection to flood insurance.
  • No Claim Discount (NCD): Renewal reductions are given to responsible drivers.
  • Towing Service: Towing services are available up to a specific limit in the event of significant damage.

2. Allianz (Allianz Car Insurance)


Allianz’s reputation stands out among the wide range of the best car insurance Malaysia offers.

Their main product, Allianz Car Insurance, demonstrates the brand’s global expertise adapted exclusively for Malaysian motorists. Allianz promotes itself as a partner on every journey, offering robust protection and customisable solutions.

Benefit Highlights of Allianz Car Insurance

  • Swift and Seamless Claims: In an emergency, efficient claim processing assures little disturbance.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to get you back on the road.
  • Flexible Coverage Options: Choose coverage that meets your needs, from third-party to comprehensive insurance.
  • Protection against Natural Calamities: Protect your vehicle from unforeseen natural disasters.
  • Agreed Value Coverage: Enjoy peace of mind with an agreed-upon value for your vehicle for the first year.
  • Legal Liability Protection: Protect yourself from any legal liabilities to passengers or third parties.
  • Personal Accident Benefits: An extra layer of defence protecting the driver and passengers against unforeseeable events.

3. Zurich (Zurich Z-Driver)


In searching for Malaysia’s best car insurance, you will surely come across Zurich’s specialised policy: Zurich Z-Driver.

Z-Driver, tailored exclusively for younger drivers, meets the unique issues and requirements of new and less experienced drivers. With Zurich’s global might behind it, this project is an excellent blend of security and empowerment for Malaysian youngsters on the roads.

Benefit Highlights of Zurich Z-Driver

  • Youth-Centric Rates: Premiums have been designed to be more reasonable for younger drivers.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: A large shield against accidents, theft, and fire.
  • Personal Accident Benefits: Drivers and passengers are better protected against unexpected occurrences.
  • 24/7 Emergency Assistance: Zurich’s support staff is available at all times.
  • Windscreen and Window Damage Cover: Maintaining the clear view without impacting the No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • Special Workshops: Zurich’s panel of selected workshops is available for excellent repairs.
  • Natural Disaster Protection: Coverage against natural disasters such as floods, providing peace of mind during inclement weather.

4. AXA Malaysia (AXA SmartDrive)

AXA Malaysia

AXA Malaysia is a standout among the best car insurance providers in Malaysia. Their flagship policy, AXA SmartDrive, reflects the brand’s international reputation with a dash of local flavour.

AXA SmartDrive was designed to provide drivers with comprehensive protection rather than simply insurance.

Benefit Highlights of AXA SmartDrive

  • Customisable Plans: Customise your coverage based on your tastes and requirements.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Reliable assistance is available whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Swift Claims Approval: Processing that is efficient and quick to minimise annoyance.
  • Protection against Natural Disasters: Storms, floods, and other unforeseen events are all covered.
  • No Claim Discount (NCD): Safe driving is rewarded with significant discounts.
  • Windscreen Protection: For those unexpected chips and cracks that don’t jeopardise your NCD.
  • Personal Accident Cover: Increased financial protection against unforeseeable injuries.
  • Liability to Third Parties: Protecting against potential legal liabilities for damages or injuries.


Update: AXA Malaysia has recently been acquired by Generali

5. Great Eastern General (Great Easter Motor)

Great Eastern General

Great Eastern General’s significance cannot be overstated.

Great Eastern Motor Insurance’s premier offering symbolises the brand’s century-old trust and commitment. Insurance with them is more than simply a financial safety net; it’s a pact of certainty, a shared adventure.

Benefit Highlights of Great Eastern Motor Insurance

  • Comprehensive Coverage: A comprehensive defence against accidents, theft, and fire.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Round-the-clock assistance ensures that you are never left stranded.
  • Efficient Claims Processing: Quick, straightforward, and trouble-free claims processing.
  • Protection against Acts of Nature: Stay safe from torrential rains and sudden landslides.
  • Windscreen Coverage: Repairs and replacements made easier without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Benefits: Driver and passenger coverage for unexpected mishaps.
  • Legal Liability Coverage: Protection from third-party liability for injuries or damages.

6. MSIG (MSIG Motor)


When discussing the best car insurance Malaysia offers, the topic is incomplete without MSIG.

MSIG Motor Insurance’s premium offering combines the brand’s global expertise with local knowledge. When drivers purchase insurance from MSIG, they are forming a partnership with a company known for its uncompromising commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction.

Benefit Highlights of MSIG Motor Insurance

  • All-Round Protection: Accident, theft, and fire coverage are all included.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Immediate assistance is available at all times and from any location, enabling uninterrupted travel.
  • Fast-Track Claims Approval: Streamlined methods to expedite claim resolution.
  • Natural Calamity Coverage: Protection against unforeseen disasters such as floods and landslides.
  • Full Windscreen Coverage: Repairs are completed quickly and without compromising your No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Protection: Safety for both drivers and passengers in the event of an unexpected event.
  • Third-Party Legal Liability: Protection against potential legal ramifications involving third parties.

7. Generali (Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance)


Generali stands out among the handpicked list of the best car insurance in Malaysia.

Their signature product, Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance, builds on the brand’s worldwide pedigree while being tailored to the needs of Malaysian motorists.

It’s more than simply coverage with Generali; it’s a promise of dedication and dependability.

Benefit Highlights of Generali Comprehensive Car Insurance

  • Broad-based Protection: Coverage for risks such as accidents, theft, and fire.
  • 24/7 Emergency Support: Generali’s support is available at any time.
  • Prompt Claims Processing: Designed for speed and clarity, causing the slightest interruption.
  • Coverage against Natural Events: Prepare for unforeseen catastrophes such as floods.
  • Windscreen Repair and Replacement: Comprehensive coverage without jeopardising your No Claim Bonus (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Cover: An additional layer of protection for drivers and passengers.
  • Protection against Third-Party Liabilities: Reduce the possibility of legal ramifications from third-party claims.

8. Takaful Malaysia (Takaful myCar)

Takaful Malaysia

Takaful Malaysia is unique in the field of the best car insurance Malaysia offers, providing a Shariah-compliant method of protection.

Takaful myCar, their flagship product, is based on mutual aid, guaranteeing that policyholders are contributors and beneficiaries. Takaful Malaysia is more than just insurance; it is a community-driven commitment to shared security and prosperity.

Benefit Highlights of Takaful myCar

  • Shariah-Compliant: Ethical, open, and based on mutual cooperation.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Providing continuous assistance anytime you require it.
  • Efficient Claims Processing: Swift and honest, focusing on client convenience.
  • Natural Disaster Protection: Coverage for unanticipated disasters such as floods and landslides.
  • Comprehensive Windscreen Cover: Repair and replacement without jeopardising your No Claim Bonus (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Benefits: Assurance for drivers and passengers in an unforeseen event.
  • Liability Protection against Third Parties: Protecting against potential claims resulting from injuries or damages.

9. Liberty Insurance (Liberty AutoStar)

Liberty Insurance

When navigating the best car insurance in Malaysia, Liberty Insurance is guaranteed to wow.

Their flagship programme, Liberty AutoStar, combines the brand’s global knowledge with the nuances of Malaysian roads and drivers.

When you choose Liberty Insurance, you choose a legacy of trust and excellence, not simply a policy.

Benefit Highlights of Liberty AutoStar

  • All-Inclusive Protection: Complete protection against accidents, theft, and fires.
  • 24/7 Roadside Aid: Help is always available, day or night, rain or shine.
  • Quick Claims Turnaround: Efficient and transparent processes for a pleasant claims experience.
  • Natural Perils Coverage: Protection from unpredictable disasters such as floods and storms.
  • Complete Windscreen Care: Repairs and replacements are simple and do not affect your No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Assurance: Dedicated coverage for the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.
  • Third-Party Liability Shield: Comprehensive defence against any third-party claims.

10. AmGeneral (AmAuto Plus)


AmGeneral stands tall with its long tradition in the competitive terrain of the best car insurance in Malaysia.

Their recognised policy, AmAuto Plus, reflects the brand’s commitment to providing robust insurance customised to Malaysian road users.

When you join AmGeneral, you’re not simply signing up for a policy; you’re joining a legacy of unrivalled care.

Benefit Highlights of AmAuto Plus

  • Comprehensive Coverage: You can rest assured that you are fully protected from accidents, thefts, and fires.
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance: At your disposal at all hours to ensure you are never left in the dark.
  • Efficient Claims Service: Transparent and quick, making the claim process more accessible.
  • Protection from Natural Hazards: Coverage for events like floods gives you peace of mind.
  • Windscreen Care: Repairs and replacements are completed quickly and without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD).
  • Personal Accident Cover: A layer of defence against unanticipated disasters for drivers and passengers.
  • Third-Party Liability Protection: Protect yourself from potential legal ramifications from third-party allegations.


Navigating the world of the best car insurance in Malaysia can be difficult, but with this guide, the options become simpler.

Malaysia’s biggest insurers offer robust protection tailored to each motorist, from comprehensive to extended coverages. Whether you value coverage breadth, service quality, or affordability, there is a policy for you.


**Disclaimer: This article is only offered for general informational reasons and is not meant to cover all facets of the subjects it addresses. It is not meant to be taken as legitimate insurance advice you should rely on. You must seek expert or professional advice before acting or refraining from acting based on the information in this publication. The content in this publication does not represent advice from the BizTech Community. A comparable outcome is not always assured by past performance. We give no assurances that the information in the publication is accurate, full, or up to date, either explicitly or implicitly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which car insurance is best in Malaysia?

Individual circumstances dictate the best car insurance company, although top suppliers include Etiqa, Allianz, Zurich, and AXA Malaysia.

Which insurance company has the highest market share in Malaysia?

Market share might fluctuate yearly, but corporations like Etiqa and Allianz have historically been prominent participants.

Who tends to get a higher car insurance rate?

Individuals with a history of accidents or traffic offences and those who own high-performance or expensive automobiles often face higher car insurance rates.

At what age is car insurance most expensive?

Based on their perceived risk and lack of driving experience, drivers under 25 typically pay the most for car insurance.

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