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Wise Travel Card Review: Is It Worth Getting a Wise Card?

BySamantha Lim

Sep 12, 2023
Wise Travel Card Review

The Wise Travel Card Review is an in-depth examination of the Wise Card’s features and benefits. This includes paying quickly, safely, and at a lower cost in different currencies and its easy-to-use app for keeping track of funds and transparent price structure. It is ideal for international spending and travel because it allows for real-time top-ups, low currency translation fees, and fee-free ATM withdrawals up to a set amount.

What is the Wise Travel Card?

If you’re anything like me and have dabbled in the realm of foreign transactions, you’ve probably heard of the Wise card or Wise travel card. Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a terrific online foreign exchange firm based in the heart of London that I’ve been using for quite some time. Personally, I’ve found it really convenient to transfer and receive money from abroad for my work. It’s game-changing to supply banking information in nations like the United States or the United Kingdom and receive payments as if you had a local account there.

Let’s take a look at Wise card review. This isn’t your average credit card; it’s a prepaid debit card linked to your multi-currency Wise account. It’s a traveller’s dream, whether you get it as a Mastercard or a Visa of wise travel card. You can do the following with this card in your wallet:

  • You can shop from 175 different nations.
  • Transfer funds to overseas bank accounts with ease.
  • Get money from overseas directly into your currency, with no costs.
  • Load this card with several currencies and shop like a local wherever your excursions lead you.

The Wise debit card is linked to your Wise account, making overseas shopping and payments as simple as a Bondi Beach morning. So, whether you’re a world traveller or simply want to get the most out of foreign shopping, the Wise card is a friend you’d want in your pocket!

Who is the Wise Card for?

Wise Travel Card Review

The Wise debit card, available in Australia, caters to personal and business customers, offering a convenient way to manage finances while reducing transaction expenses. Travellers can benefit from its contactless or mobile payment features, making it a preferred choice for those wanting to withdraw cash from local ATMs during their holidays. For avid online shoppers, especially those frequently purchasing from international retailers, the Wise debit card is a cost-effective option. The card is not only designed for individuals, but also for businesspeople. Entrepreneurs with frequent foreign currency transactions will find it invaluable, and business owners can offer these international debit cards to their team, streamlining the management of spending and expenses.


Wise Card Review ⭐4.3/5

Pros & Cons of Wise Travel Card

Pros of the Wise Card

  1. Affordable and Transparent: Wise aims to provide cost-effective solutions, such as the Wise card, which emphasises low costs and employs mid-market currency rates for conversions.
  2. Multi-currency Support: While travelling in 170+ destinations, users can load up and spend in over 50 currencies.
  3. Convenience for Travellers and Shoppers: For its global reach and contactless payment features, the card is perfect for travellers and online buyers.
  4. Fast & Secure: Wise is known for its rapid transfers and dependable security safeguards. It offers real-time alerts, safe fraud detection tools, and multilingual customer service.
  5. User-friendly: The desktop and mobile apps are simple, and the card is available globally.

Cons of the Wise Card

  1. Fees: Although the overall cost is reasonable, there are certain fees to consider. For example, there is a one-time price to receive the wise debit card and ATM withdrawal fees after a set limit.
  2. Lack of Rewards: Unlike typical credit cards, the Wise Travel card does not provide rewards or credit possibilities.
  3. Account Freezes: Some Trustpilot reviews noted account freezes during verification checks, indicating possible, albeit infrequent, problems in their service.

Statistic Note

Wise has a commendable Trustpilot rating of 4.3 stars (as of 14 June 2023) based on an independent evaluation. While the majority of users (84%) gave it 5 stars, there were some complaints about delays in receiving the wise card and several references of inadequate customer service. Recognising that these unfavourable evaluations represent a small percentage of users is critical.

It is usually essential to undertake personal research before making financial decisions, whether you are looking for a wise travel card review or detailed facts regarding the wise card fees. Individual needs and experiences differ, but the wise debit card has proven to be a game changer for many.


How to use Wise Card?

How to use Wise Card

Imagine you’re an Australian resident named Alex who has recently discovered the allure of online shopping from international stores. You’ve heard about the wise travel card from a friend and read a glowing wise card review online. Intrigued by the idea of saving on hefty currency conversion fees and the convenience it offers, you decide to dive in. Here’s Alex’s journey, which will help you understand how to use the Wise Card seamlessly.

Alex’s International Shopping Journey

It started with Alex stumbling upon a UK-based online store selling unique antique watches. The price was in pounds, and he remembered the extra charges his bank levied the last time he made an international purchase. That’s when the wise card he had recently acquired came to mind.

1. Setting Up the Wise Account

Before Alex could use his Wise Card, he had to set up a Wise multi-currency account. The registration was simple, requiring some personal details and identity verification.

2. Topping Up the Wise Account

To make his purchase, Alex needed to ensure he had sufficient funds. He added Australian dollars into his account using his local bank. There might be a small wise card fee for certain transactions, but it’s generally more affordable than most banks’ conversion rates.

3. Making the Purchase

Alex bought the antique watch with his account topped up. At checkout, he used his Wise Debit Card like any other card. The watch’s price was in pounds, but Wise automatically converted the required amount from his AUD balance at a real exchange rate. The process was transparent, and he didn’t have to worry about hidden fees or poor conversion rates, a point highlighted in this wise travel card review.

4. Checking His Account

After purchasing, Alex was curious about how much he had spent in AUD. He quickly logged into his Wise account and could easily see the transaction, the conversion rate applied, and his remaining balance.

5. Converting Money Between Currencies

A week later, Alex found another enticing product, but this time from a US-based store priced in dollars. He used his Wise account to hold both AUD and USD, allowing him to avoid conversion fees for future USD transactions. Converting some of his AUD to USD was straightforward, and he was ready for his next international shopping spree.

6. Using the Wise Card Locally

Alex’s journey with his wise debit card wasn’t just limited to international transactions. He also used the card for local Australian purchases, benefiting from the ease of tracking his expenses through the Wise app.


Wise spending limits

The Wise debit card has features that increase security against fraudulent activity. The adoption of expenditure constraints is one of these aspects. These limits are not rigid; they are determined by the location in which the card was issued. Default limits are imposed if you received your card in Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore. Wise, on the other hand, provides flexibility by allowing consumers to alter these default limitations to match their spending habits using their mobile app or web platform.

The table below shows the most a user in Australia, New Zealand, or Singapore can spend. It should be noted that the values are given in AUD, NZD, and SGD, respectively:

Single Payment Limit Daily Payment Limit Monthly Payment Limit
Chip and PIN Transactions $17,500 $17,500 $52,500
ATM Withdrawals $1,750 $2,700 $7,000
Contactless Tranctions $900 $1,750 $7,000
Magnetic Stripe Transactions $2,100 $2,100 $10,500
Online Purchase $17,500 $17,500 $52,500


Wise card fees

The Wise card is becoming a popular option for travellers and global spenders, with a variety of features aimed at streamlining foreign purchases. This card was created with ease and cost savings for customers in Australia, Europe, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and Canada. Here to discuss the charges for different situations to wise card fees.

  • Issuance Fee: A fee of $10 is involved in the initial issuance of the card, but free to open the account.
  • Replacement Fee: A fee will be applied if you lose your Wise card and need a replacement. For example, $6 will be charged.
  • Conversion Fee: While the Wise travel card prides itself on offering optimal currency conversion with over 50+ options and reducing fees, there still exists a fee for currency conversion. Mostly, it will be starting from 0.41%. However, if a local currency is lacking when a transaction is made, the card will automatically utilise the currency with the lowest fee, ensuring savings for the user. Further, mid-market exchange rates are typically offered, amplifying its advantages.
  • ATM Withdrawal Fee: The Wise card, when used at ATMs, provides two free withdrawals of up to $350 each month. Beyond these two, fees will apply to $1.50 for each withdrawal. Only when the free and amounts limits are surpassed do fees for 1.75% of amounts withdrawn over $350.
  • No Annual Fees: The card does not come with annual maintenance fees, ensuring continual user savings throughout the year.
  • Other Fees: If there’s an excess beyond the set currency allowances, additional fees will be incurred. It’s also worth noting that using the Wise card abroad, especially for ATM withdrawals, might incur minimal fees after consuming the free limits.


Wise card exchange rates

The Wise travel card makes currency conversion easier while purchasing abroad. The card uses mid-market exchange rates, which are often better than those offered by traditional banks. Users can avoid unnecessary fees by using the correct payment currency.

Furthermore, when a local currency is not accessible during a transaction, the Wise card selects the most cost-effective currency conversion option from the available currencies in the user’s account, assuring cost-effective currency conversions.

Exchange Rate

AUD → GBP (4/9/2023)

Conversion Fee You Get

Loading AUD 1000

Wise £0.51 $4.1 (0.41%) £507.9

Wise card vs traditional bank

Here’s a table that compares Wise card spending to using a traditional bank credit or debit card when you’re overseas:

Features / Criteria Wise Card Traditional Bank Card
Card Type Debit Card Debit and Credit Card
Spending Limit Within balance Within balance for debit card.

Set limit for the credit card.

Interest No interest Interest on outstanding amounts
Foreign Transactions Fees Normally 2.75-2.99%
Security 2-factor authentication Varies by bank
International Utility With cheap fees, it can be used in over 150 countries. Fees are typically higher when used globally.
Currency Conversion Automatic conversion at mid-range rates Bank-specific interest rates, which frequently include a hidden margin
ATM Withdrawals $350, if over $350 will charge 1.75% of amount Charge a certain fee when abroad
Online Foreign Currency Purchase Additional fees are possible.
Average Transaction Fee Abroad Depending on the currency, it ranges between 0.41% and 1.03%. Normally 2.75-2.99%
Rewards & Incentives Different banks have different rewards and incentives


How to get started with Wise Card

To use Wise Card in Australia, users must first open a Wise multi-currency account. This card, which can be a Mastercard or a Visa, is made for foreign transactions. It works like a traditional debit card and can be used in several different currencies. The Wise app allows users to manage their money.

Steps to apply for a Wise Card: A Handy Guide

1. Signup on Wise Platform: To begin, create an account on the Wise website or app.

2. Open a Multi-Currency Account: Set up a multi-currency account linked to your Wise Travel Card once enrolled. You can hold, trade, and spend money in different currencies with this account.

3. Fund Your Account: Fund your account before card issuance and future transactions.

4. Order the Wise Card: You can choose between a real and a virtual card, depending on your needs. The virtual card option is ideal for fast online purchases, whereas the real card will be delivered to your home address.

5. Activate Your Card: This is a way how to activate the Wise card, upon receiving your physical card, make a purchase or an ATM transaction using the given PIN to activate it. The virtual card is available for use immediately after purchase.

6. Using the Card Abroad: To understand how to use the Wise card abroad, you must ensure you transact in the local currency to avoid conversion charges when spending globally. The card will automatically convert your funds to the required currency using the best available conversion rates if you do not have the local currency. When prompted at ATMs or merchant terminals, always choose transactions in the local currency.


Wise Virtual Card & App

The Wise Virtual Card, an essential component of the Wise financial ecosystem, provides users with a convenient option to conduct online transactions without the physicality of a traditional card. As part of Wise’s dedication to worldwide ease, the virtual card works with the company’s multi-currency account, allowing for transactions in over 53 currencies. This digital application intends to provide customers with more flexible and safe methods of managing their international spending, which is especially important for Australians wanting to purchase or transact overseas.

Wise also provides a digital app to enhance the user experience in addition to the virtual card. This software has a virtual card and includes features such as customisable spending restrictions, encryption for extra security, and transaction monitoring. This programme allows Australians to manage up to three virtual cards, promoting better budgeting and a stronger security foundation for online purchases.


Final thoughts on the Wise Card’s value

For Australians engaging in international transactions or travel, the Wise Card offers convenience, competitive currency conversion rates, and security features. Given its benefits and minimal fees, it’s a worthy consideration for those seeking global financial flexibility.



Information provided here is for general guidance only. Always consult the official Wise website or relevant authorities for up-to-date and accurate details. Use at your own discretion.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wise card trusted?

Yes, the Wise card is licenced and regulated by financial authorities. It also provides encryption, transaction monitoring, and 3D Secure verification.

What are the Wise debit card withdrawal limits?

There are no ATM withdrawal limitations, but there are free withdrawal limits followed by fees for withdrawals exceeding $350.

Is the Wise Card contactless?

Yes, the Wise Card supports contactless.

What happens if you lose your Wise debit card?

If you misplace your Wise debit card, you can use the Wise app to freeze it to prevent unauthorised use.

How do I get my Wise virtual card?

A Wise virtual card can be obtained by using the digital Wise app. The virtual card is immediately useable after it is ordered.

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