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How to Check EPF number with IC online?

BySamantha Lim

Jul 12, 2023
How to Check Your EPF Number with IC Online

Understanding and gaining insights into your EPF (Employees Provident Fund) account is an integral part of the financial planning process for every working Malaysian. You might often wonder, “How can I check my EPF number with IC online?” Knowing this information is crucial in the fast-paced transitions of changing jobs, retiring, or simply wanting to keep tabs on your account.

The EPF number, a crucial detail that often flies under the radar, is a unique identifier linking you with your contributions towards a secure retirement fund. It’s surprising how many individuals are unaware of their EPF number or the verifying process. You may ask, “Is it the same as the KWSP number?” or express your concern as, “Despite years of service, I’m not assigned an EPF number.” Sometimes, you may merely wish to confirm these details and find yourself stuck at “how to check EPF number with IC online?”.

We’ve tailored this comprehensive guide as a direct reply to your questions, intended to provide you with a clear and easy-to-grasp walkthrough. The guide doesn’t only offer eight methods to verify your EPF number and provides a deep understanding of what an EPF is, its role, and how it fits into the broader structure of your financial blueprint.

So let’s dive into the world of EPF, ensuring that no KWSP, EPF, or IC details will leave you second-guessing in the dark anymore.

Remember, knowledge equips you with power. In terms of financial planning, it stands as your golden ticket towards a secure retirement. Let’s embark on this journey together!

Eight Ways to Check Your EPF Number

8 ways to check EPF number

1. EPF i-Akaun/EPF Account

EPF i-Akaun

For those pondering over “how to check EPF number?”, the first and most straightforward method is via your EPF i-Akaun. This online portal, provided by EPF Malaysia, enables employees to manage their EPF accounts effectively. With a simple signup and login process using your IC number, this portal is a quick solution to the question, “How to check EPF number with IC online?”. Once you’ve logged in successfully, your dashboard will display your EPF number under the “Member ID” section.

2. EPF Live Chat

EPF live chat

If you’re not quite at ease with navigating through the i-Akaun or hit an obstacle while retrieving your EPF number, the EPF live chat service can rescue you. EPF live chat service is a real-time solution designed to offer you assistance online by allowing a representative to help you retrieve your number. Type in your request and a friendly customer service agent will guide you through the process, breaking down the complexity.

Getting Help with Ask Elya

In today’s digital age, chatbots have become an integral part of customer engagement on many platforms and the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) is no exception. Acknowledging the importance of convenient and instant customer service in this fast-paced world, EPF has introduced “Ask Elya,” a bilingual virtual assistant designed to assist you with your queries anytime, anywhere.

Ask Elya, the EPF chatbot, is available 24/7, making it a reliable source of support outside regular office hours. Driven by advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP), Ask Elya can understand and respond to your inquiries in a conversational manner, offering a more personable communication experience.

Whether you need assistance on how to check your EPF balance online, steps to withdraw your EPF, or how to verify your EPF number, Ask Elya is ready to guide you. This incredible tool is accessible on the official EPF website, often appearing as a pop-up chat window.

You only need to type your question into the chat window to kickstart your interaction. Ask Elya then processes your query and replies with relevant information or redirects you to the appropriate resources.

Keep in mind that while Ask Elya is designed to provide quick assistance, complex queries may still require human intervention. Don’t hesitate to contact EPF directly through their dedicated Call Management Centre for such cases.

Also, remember that your experience with Ask Elya depends on a good internet connection and your device’s settings. With patience and the right digital environment, you can maximise the benefits of this AI-powered customer service tool.

The introduction of Ask Elya is a testament to EPF’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer service, making fund management for users simpler and more interactive and efficient.



EPF (Employees Provident Fund) has incorporated a dedicated Call Management Centre (CMC) for your convenience. This is an easy way to verify your EPF number by simply calling the CMC.

To use this service:

  1. Call EPF’s Call Management Centre (CMC) at this number: 03-89226000.
  2. Inform the operator about your issue, stating that you have forgotten your EPF membership number.
  3. You’ll be asked to answer several questions for verification purposes.
  4. If you succeed in accurately answering these questions, the CMC staff will provide you with your EPF number.

It’s crucial to have your identification card details ready, as this is key to validating your identity before you can retrieve your EPF number from the operator.

Please note that this service is available during regular business hours. As the EPC CMC receives a significant volume of calls, there might occasionally be wait times, so your patience is appreciated.

Also, for efficient service, prepare relevant information and related queries ahead of the call to make the most of your interaction with the CMC operator.

4. Your Salary Slip

Your salary slip

Your payslip isn’t merely income proof but an important document that serves purposes beyond its conventional use. If you pay attention, you will likely find your EPF number displayed on your salary slip provided by your employer. If it isn’t available, you can check with your finance department to see if they can supply one containing this information.

5. Employer HRD or ESS

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to spot your EPF number on your pay slip or online. Your Employer’s Human Resources Department (HRD) can help you in such circumstances. Certain companies have an Employer Self-Service system (ESS), an internal online portal where you can verify your EPF account details, including your number.

6. EPF Kiosk

EPF kiosks, usually located in shopping malls and EPF offices, are standalone machines designed to help you retrieve your EPF number. You just need to input your IC number. Hence, it serves as another swift solution to the recurrent question, “How to check EPF number with IC online?” — and that too, at your convenience.

7. EPF Counter

If you prefer a more traditional approach, you could opt for an over-the-counter service by stopping by your local EPF office. Before you go, remember to bring your identification card as it is crucial during the process. The officer on duty will cross-check your IC details with their records, and provide you with your EPF number. An added advantage of visiting the office in person is that you can clarify any other doubts you have regarding your EPF.

8. EPF Online Enquiry

Alternatively, you can also take advantage of the online enquiry service provided on the EPF’s official website to request your EPF number. All you need to do is fill in the essential details in the online form and hit the submit button.

So next time around, when you ponder ‘how to check the EPF number?’ simply recall these eight methods, and bid farewell to nightmares of ‘no KWSP.’

An Example of EPF Number

Amid the confusing financial ecosystem full of unique terminologies, the **EPF number often assumes a minor role, while it serves a key function. Positioned as your unique identifier, the EPF number bridges you to your EPF account and your contributions towards a financially secure retirement plan.

You must remember that an EPF number typically begins with the state code where your EPF account was initially opened, followed by your Member ID. For instance, assuming you opened your EPF account in Kuala Lumpur, your EPF number would look like 678901. Just ensure to keep this number confidential and secure, like any other sensitive financial data.


We’ve navigated a substantial district today, exploring various ways to verify your EPF number, comprehensive details about what the number looks like, and why it commands such significance. Ownership of your EPF number equips you with the power to manage your retirement savings plan effectively. It allows you to actively oversee your contributions and understand the likely financial buffer available in your golden years.

Whether it’s scanning through the online portal i-Akaun, using EPF live chat, dialling the EPF CMC to seek it on your salary slip, contacting your Employer HRD or ESS, leveraging the accessibility of a kiosk or an EPF counter, or using the online enquiry, getting the details of your EPF number has never been easier.

An EPF number is more significant than a term to be noted and forgotten. It’s an essential detail that serves a strategic role in charting your course towards a secure future.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check my EPF number with my IC online?

To verify your EPF number with your IC online, the most immediate courses of action include accessing EPF i-Akaun, employing the EPF live chat, or lodging an EPF online enquiry.

How can I check my EPF number from abroad?

You can verify your EPF number using the EPF i-Akaun or EPF live chat if you’re overseas. Usually, just having your IC details handy will suffice to check your EPF number.

Why don’t I have an EPF number?

If you’ve recently taken up a job, it’s plausible that your EPF number hasn’t been assigned yet. Another reason could be that your employer hasn’t yet registered you with EPF. Reaching out to your HR department could clarify this for you.

Is the EPF number the same as the KWSP number?

Your EPF number is the same as your KWSP (Kumpulan Wang Simpanan Pekerja) number.

Can I have more than one EPF number?

It’s rather unusual to have more than one EPF number. If you think you do, you should connect with EPF directly to update and correct your records.

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