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Ways To Earn Side Income In Malaysia

Side income is no longer a foreign concept to many of us Malaysians. In fact, the Malaysian Bureau of Labour Statistics confirms that there are more than 26 million people with a side income as of October 2022. In simple terms, having a side income feels like having a superhero alter ego. Your regular job is your Clark Kent, but your side income is your Superman – ready to step in and save the day when you need it most. It definitely gives you more freedom when it comes to spending and in fact may be an excellent way to monetize your passions while making some extra cash.

So, are you ready to kickstart your side hustle in Malaysia? Dive into our collection of online and offline gigs below, that could bring in that extra income you’re eyeing.


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How to generate a side income in Malaysia?

The beauty of earning online is its unlimited possibilities aside from the fact that it requires little to no upfront investment. Another amazing feature is definitely its flexibility! You’re the boss of your own time and location. Whether it’s the crack of dawn or the midnight hour, you have the power to decide when and where you work.

Top 5 ways to earn money online in Malaysia.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

  2. Blogging

  3. Online Tutoring

  4. Resell or Pre-Loved Store

  5. Transcription


1. Affiliate Marketing : Earn money online in Malaysia through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a popular way of making a side income online that involves promoting products or services from various companies in return for a commission. Turning affiliate marketing into a side hustle in Malaysia is rather easy!

First, choose a niche and create content about the products you want to recommend. Write blog posts, make videos, or share on social media about the products you want to recommend. Make people understand how these things can level up their lives or solve their pesky problems. Then, place your affiliate links where anyone can click on to buy from the respective company’s website.

Over time, as more people trust your suggestions and buy through your links, your side income will grow. Finding affiliate programs are also simple – start with E-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee which provide special affiliate programs. You can also foray into gaming sites or betting sites that offer affiliate marketing.

Learn how to earn money through TikTok affiliate program now, click here to know more!


2. Blogging: How to generate side income in Malaysia through blogging?

If you’re thinking that ‘blogging is oh so yesterday’, think again! Bloggers can rake in an immense amount of side income as soon as they have established themselves. While it may take some time to start making an income, blogging is still one of the easiest ways to make a side income in Malaysia.

But how can you truly make a side income online while you write about what you love, do or see and share it with the world? Your blogs can make an income through display ads. They are very similar to and often confused with affiliate marketing, but what you sell is the ad space on your blog instead, where your audience will see them. The most famous service is Google Adsense.

Blogging can also pave the way for you to become a guest blogger where you write and publish one or more articles for other websites and generate a side income online. It does not stop there! Blogging also allows for sponsored posts raking in a high income by publishing product reviews on various items and services. Though building a successful blog can take time, with consistent quality content, and patience, your side income can increase over time.


3. Online Tutoring: Earn money online in Malaysia through tutoring

Online tutoring is a great way to share knowledge and help others learn from the comfort of your own computer. It’s like being a virtual teacher who guides students through various subjects or skills. As long as you’re passionate about a skill or a subject, tutoring can be an effective way to generate a side income online.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3! First, identify your expertise in a subject and create a profile on platforms like Chegg, superprof.com, or otak.my. Second, organise your schedule and dedicate hours to tutoring each week. Third, focus on creating a friendly, and encouraging learning environment for the student and coach them through their learning sessions. As you gain experience and positive feedback, your rates will increase, and you can attract more students. Word of mouth plays a significant role in attracting students too.

Online tutoring not only lets you earn a side income in Malaysia but also gives you the satisfaction of helping someone learn and achieve their goals. It’s a win-win situation. Just remember, effective communication, a clear teaching approach, and a passion for sharing knowledge are key to succeeding as an online tutor.


4. Resell or Pre-Loved Store: Sell your old goods and earn money online in Malaysia

You know how we often outgrow our clothes and have to buy new ones, but we don’t know what to do with the old ones? Well, you can sell them and create a side income online! It is like having a garage sale but on the internet.

To start, identify items you want to sell, such as clothes, handmade crafts, vintage items, or items from personal creations. Choose a platform like Mudah.my, Carousell, or Instagram profile, and create detailed listings with clear descriptions and high-quality photos. Set fair and competitive prices by researching similar items and keeping them reasonable. If you are selling a used product, then the price must be less than the original product.

Remember, to attract customers, you need to keep a reasonable price. Selling items on the internet is a great way to declutter your space and create a side income online, and it can be satisfying to see something you no longer need find a new home with someone who appreciates it.


5. Transcription: How to make money online with transcription?

Transcription is a profession that involves carefully listening to audio recordings and typing out the words. You’ll need good listening skills and although you don’t need to be lightning-fast, being able to type accurately and efficiently is also essential.

You can easily turn it into a side income online by signing up on transcription platforms like Gotranscript, Truelancer.com, Rev and even freelancing websites like Upwork or Freelancer.com. Although the pay varies depending on the platform, rates set by hiring companies and the complexity of the transcription, some platforms pay per audio minute or word, as well as an hourly stipend for completing transcription tasks.

You can easily start this as a side income online as it does not require very specific skills and will also pay off if you are multilingual (We see you multilingual, Malaysians!). It indeed makes for one attractive way to earn some side income especially if you’re a student or a housewife!


How to earn a side income without the internet (offline) in Malaysia?

An offline side income is generated from activities you do outside of your job in real time. It’s a cool way to explore your skills and interests while earning extra money without needing to be on the internet all the time or in front of any screens. Whether you’re a student desiring a bit more pocket money or an aspiring entrepreneur, let’s look at the top 5 offline side gigs that can bring you some financial prosperity!

Top 5 offline side income ideas for 2023

  1. Rideshare Driver

  2. Babysitting

  3. Photography

  4. Pet Sitting

  5. Selling food


1. Rideshare Driver: Is Rideshare a good side hustle?

Rideshare driving is a modern-day taxi service, allowing drivers to provide rides to passengers using their own cars and smartphone apps. Platforms like Grab or Air Asia ride offer easy-to-use apps that connect drivers with passengers. There are only a few requirements that are needed by this app to pass as an eligible rideshare driver. For example, only Malaysians between 21 and 69 years old can be a rideshare driver; one must possess a vehicle that’s not older than 15 years, have an E-Hailing PSV Licence and must own a smartphone. These requirements are just the basics for someone who owns a car which is why becoming a rideshare driver is easier and beneficial.

But can you really make money? Of course! According to Grab for example, you can make up 80% in commission for each ride. In fact, there are many who pursue them as a full time job too. For as long as you have access to a car, driving for rideshare is flexible, allowing you to work according to your schedule. Though earnings vary depending on distance and time of day, passengers can also tip drivers. Being friendly and providing good service can lead to higher ratings and repeat business. What a perfect side hustle for fresh graduates, housewives and even the senior citizens!


2. Babysitting: Is babysitting a good side hustle in Malaysia?

Babysitting is a rewarding side income job that involves caring for children while their parents are away. It involves creating a safe, happy, and entertaining environment for the children. To turn babysitting into a side income, consider your experience with children and spread the word about your availability.

With more and more parents having the option to work from home or have a flexible work schedule, the needs of a babysitter is ever increasing. To become a babysitter, easily advertise yourself on babysitting sites like Sitly.my, Kiddocare or Babysits.com. to match yourself to potential parents and their kids!

Pay for babysitting can vary depending on the number of children, your experience around children and the hours worked. However, it is also becoming increasingly popular for babysitters to provide tasks like simple cleaning, helping children with their homework or even preparing meals in order to demand for a higher hourly rate from parents! Be patient, responsible, and build trust with parents. If you enjoy spending time with kids and want to make some extra cash, babysitting might just be the perfect side gig for you!


3. Photography: How to start a photography side hustle?

Everyone today is equipped with some of the best camera phones, yet, many people still look for professional photographers to capture some of their biggest moments in life! If you have a passion and the creativity to capture these moments and own a camera then photography would be the perfect side hustle in Malaysia. You can choose from various types of photography, such as family portraits, weddings, graduation ceremonies, or even products and services like food. Build a portfolio of your best work to attract potential clients. It is also worthy to attach yourself as a photographer with other photo service providers as they are often on the lookout for extra hands while covering a major event! Spread the word about your services to help attract friends, family, and even social media audiences.

Photography offers flexibility, as it can be scheduled around your commitments. The amount earned from photography can vary depending on the type of shoot, the number of images required and in some cases, the number of hours worked! Besides, you can also start a photography class where you can teach people photography skills you have acquired. With unlimited possibilities through just your lenses, this has to be one of the best side income earning jobs in Malaysia!


4. Pet Sitting: Can you make money from pet sitting?

Ah, the bond between humans and their furry companions. Isn’t it simply heartwarming? But what can one do when they need to travel or have major events at home where their pets need to be cared for by someone else? Enter pet sitting! Pet sitting is a profitable side income opportunity for animal lovers. Working as a pet sitter is like being a temporary best friend to furry companions when their owners can’t be around. It involves caring for various pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, or even small animals like hamsters.

To turn this into a side income, spread the word about your pet sitting services to friends, family, and local communities or consider joining pet sitting service providers in Malaysia like JomPaw, PetBacker and TrustedHousitters. Meet with pet owners to understand their pet’s routines, preferences, and special care instructions.

In addition to that, with little to no initial investment, pet sitting is definitely flexible, allowing you to work during weekends, holidays, or whenever you’re available. It even works if you have a ‘work from home’ arrangement! Pay varies based on pet type and duration of care, so discuss payment details with pet owners beforehand. A good pet sitter must be patient, responsible, and have a genuine love for animals. So, embark on this rewarding journey of pet sitting and unlock a world of joyful tails and contented purrs!


5. Sell some food: how do you earn extra income in Malaysia by selling food?

If you have a little chef in you waiting to whip up the latest recipes, then this is definitely a worthy way to generate a side income in Malaysia. While it may require a little more initial investment to set up like buying ingredients, you might already find that you have all the tools needed in your kitchen. Start by crafting a menu of your scrumptious creations, showcasing your unique twists on classic favourites. To kick things off, explore local markets and fairs where food enthusiasts gather. Set up a stall and leverage the power of word of mouth to spread the news about your delectable offerings.

Earning an income by selling food means being where the locals are. Look out for night markets in your area or tap into the event scene by offering catering services for parties, gatherings, and special occasions. With passion and creativity,turn your culinary passion into a side income.


Why do you need a side income?

Why do you need a side income?

In a world where job stability can feel like a shifting landscape, the concept of side income is no longer a foreign one for many. Perhaps you’ve already heard whispers from friends and family about their ventures beyond 9-to-5. But what are some of the motivations that are prompting individuals to find ways on how to earn money online in Malaysia and offline? These are the few important reasons why having a side income in Malaysia is becoming a necessity nowadays:

1. Financial Security

Life can be unpredictable, and having an extra income source provides a safety net. If unexpected expenses or emergencies pop up, you’re better prepared to handle them without stress.

2. More Freedom

With side income, you gain more control over your finances. You’re not solely dependent on your main 9-5, giving you the freedom to explore new opportunities and experiences.

3. Pursue Passions

Side income can fund your hobbies and passions. If you’ve always wanted to learn a new skill, travel, or take up a creative endeavour, your extra earnings can make it happen, easily!

4. Build Savings

With ever rising costs of living and inflation looming over us, having a side income also means you can stash away more money in your savings account. This won’t only come in handy for major life events but also serve as a safeguard should the income from your main job fail to fund your daily expenses.

5. Pay off your debt

Is it your PTPN loan? Or a new car/ house loan that you wish you didn’t have to pay for, with your already limited income? Knowing how to earn money online in Malaysia as well as offline can definitely bring you closer to paying off your debts and loans a lot faster and indirectly saving you tons of money in interest payments. It’s probably one of the best reasons to start a side hustle today – debt be gone!

Remember, generating a side income doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be as simple as an activity that you can do online or offline. Whatever you choose, having that extra income source can make a world of difference in your financial journey.


How to earn extra income in Malaysia?

Starting a side income is a simple process. Begin by figuring out what you’re good at or passionate about. Identify your skills and interests, choose a gig that aligns with them. Research the market to understand the demand and competition. Plan by outlining your goals, available time, and necessary resources.

Create a portfolio or set up an online store, spread the word, and promote yourself to reach potential clients. Spread the word by telling friends, family, and using social media. As you start getting clients, consistently deliver quality work and track your progress.

Remember, starting small is okay, the key is to begin. Your side income can grow over time and become a valuable addition to your financial situation.


3 Key Questions to Ask Before Pursuing A Side Hustle in Malaysia

When thinking about a side income job, it’s important to ask yourself a few key questions to ensure you’re making the right decision.

Do you have the extra time and energy for a side gig?

Considering a side hustle means assessing if you can dedicate the necessary time and energy. Launching into a new endeavour, especially at the start, might not yield substantial gains immediately. It’s vital to weigh the pros and cons. Evaluate your passion for the work and investigate whether a market exists for what you’re offering. Reflect on these key aspects before you take the plunge.

Can the side gig help you achieve your goals?

Before leaping into a side income venture, a crucial question to pose is whether it aligns with your overarching objectives. A side hustle is most valuable when it contributes to your primary goals beyond the realm of additional earnings. Without careful consideration, it might inadvertently consume excessive time, energy, and resources. Do all the necessary research before you start to ensure that it is truly contributing to what you need to achieve.

Is it in alignment with your natural abilities and passions?

You must consider whether it seamlessly meshes with your talents and passions.Given that your new side hustle will take up your leisure time, it’s vital to opt for something that genuinely resonates with you and brings joy. By uniting your passions with your natural abilities, you will create the right recipe for a side income journey that’s not only fulfilling but also likely to thrive.


Finding the ideal side income in Malaysia

In a nutshell, identifying the perfect side income pursuit in Malaysia boils down to harmonising your skills, passions, and aspirations. Be it saving, debt clearance, or pursuing passions, the right side income venture can be your path to financial and personal triumph. So, dive in, pose the right questions, and embark on a journey of fruitful side income exploration.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to earn an extra RM 500 per day?

Earning an extra RM 500 per day can be achieved through various side income jobs. Offering services like graphic design, writing, or photography online, selling handmade crafts, exploring gig economy jobs like food delivery or rideshare driving, and offering online tutoring or teaching. Combining these plans with hard work and determination can help reach your financial goal, even if it takes time.

How to earn money online in Malaysia?

Earn extra money online in Malaysia by offering your skills on platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or Fiverr, selling products on platforms like Shopee or Lazada, and promoting products through affiliate marketing. Teaching or tutoring online can be valuable, as can content creation on platforms like Chegg, Instagram and loads more. Consistency is key, and with dedication, you can turn your online activities into a valuable source of extra money.

Which side hustle offers the highest earnings potential?

Side hustles with high earnings potential include freelancing in specialised fields, creating and selling products, affiliate marketing, and online tutoring. These options depend on skills, interests, and willingness to put in effort. Research, planning, and dedication are key to maximising earnings from any side hustle.

What side hustles can you kickstart with minimal effort?

If you’re looking for ways on how to earn extra income in Malaysia, definitely consider starting a side hustle with minimal effort as it is a smart way to earn extra income without overwhelming yourself. Examples include online selling unused items, babysitting, affiliate marketing, and pet sitting. These tasks don’t require specialised skills or significant time commitment, making them a low-cost way to earn extra money without overwhelming yourself.

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