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9 Best Running Shoes For Men | Different Shoes for Different Needs

ByAmirah Tan

Oct 20, 2023
10 Best Running Shoes For Men _ Different Shoes for Different Needs

Running is one of the most popular and accessible forms of exercise. Finding the best running shoe is also significant because, with the right pair of running shoes, you can reap many health benefits from this aerobic activity.

But with so many options on the market, finding the perfect pair suited to your needs can take time and effort. Our running experts have thoroughly tested and evaluated the top models to help you choose wisely.

We considered key criteria like upper material, midsole cushioning, outsole grip, weight, drop, and more to determine the qualities of the best running shoes for men that are best suited for different running conditions.

Key Criteria for Selecting The Best Running Shoes for Men

Selecting the best running shoes for men involves considering several key components influencing fit, feel, and performance. Based on our testing, we evaluated the following critical elements:

Upper Material

The upper material forms the top portion of the shoe that covers your foot. Materials like mesh, synthetics, and knit balance breathability, structure, and durability.

Breathable mesh uppers allow ventilation, while synthetics provide support. Meanwhile, the right upper keeps your foot secure while enabling airflow.

Midsole Cushioning

The midsole sits between the outsole and upper, providing shock absorption. However, different cushioning foams vary in softness, bounce, and longevity.

Moreover, responsive foams like EVA absorb impact while providing energy return. Proper cushioning protects joints and keeps runs comfortable.

Outsole Grip

Outsoles use tread patterns and rubber compounds to deliver traction. Also, durable carbon rubber in high-wear areas enhances longevity.

The outsole tread must grip your running surfaces, whether road, trail, or wet conditions.

Shoe Last

The shoe last forms the overall shape and dimensions, influencing fit and comfort. Narrow, wide, flat, and high-arch lasts accommodate different foot types. The last provides a comfortable, secure fit while aligning with your foot anatomy.

Tread Pattern

The outsole’s lug configuration, grooves, and indentations affect flexibility and traction. Aggressive lugs excel on trails, while shallow grooves suit roads. Moreover, the pattern must match the surface, providing a multi-directional grip.

How We Tested to Find the Best Running Shoes for Men

We tested over 50 top running shoe models on paved roads, dirt trails, wet paths, and indoor tracks. I evaluated how the shoes performed for different running gaits, foot types, running surfaces, and conditions.

Key aspects we considered were fit and comfort, stability, cushioning, shock absorption, flexibility, breathability, traction, support, weight, and responsiveness. We also assessed durability by logging over 500 miles in each pair.

Additionally, we analyzed key specifications like upper material, midsole type, outsole rubber, heel drop, and integrated technologies. We combine this hands-on testing with expert research to pick the best running shoes for men and those best suited for different needs.

Best For Budget Purchase: Nike Winflo 10

Nike Winflo 10

The Nike Winflo 10 is an excellent budget-friendly option for runners seeking a lightweight yet cushioned daily trainer without breaking the bank. Consequently, it delivers impressive comfort, responsiveness, and durability.

Why You Should Buy

  • Affordably priced at just $90
  • Lightweight yet cushioned React foam
  • Durable rubber outsole construction
  • Versatile for various runs and paces

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less responsive than higher-end shoes
  • Lacks support for overpronators

Delivering an impressive balance of comfort, durability, and versatility, the Nike Winflo 10 proves you don’t need to break the bank for a reliable daily trainer. Moreover, it provides excellent value for the affordable $90 price tag.

Noteworthy Features

The Nike Winflo 10 stands out for its lightweight and bouncy React foam. This responsive cushioning provides a smooth, energetic ride that excels at faster paces yet absorbs impact.

Its React foam provides a soft and energetic ride that excels across paces while staying durable and lightweight. In fact, the cushioning provides enough shock absorption for easy miles while the responsiveness handles quicker strides.

Furthermore, the durable build supports heavy mileage while suiting tempo runs, long runs, and anything in between. For runners seeking an affordable workhorse, the Winflo 10 delivers impressive quality for the price.

Overall, the budget-friendly Winflo 10 offers an impressive balance of comfort, responsiveness, durability, and versatility, making it a high-value choice for daily training.

Price $90
Upper Material Mesh
Middle Cushioning React foam
Outsole Grip Rubber
Shoe Last Neutral
Tread Pattern Herringbone
Weight 9.6 oz
Drop 10 mm

Best For Speed Boost: New FuelCell Rebel v3

New FuelCell Rebel v3

The New FuelCell Rebel v3 provides an ideal blend of lightness, responsiveness, and forward propulsion to help runners slash their PRs. The energetic FuelCell foam and embedded carbon plate deliver a snappy, well-cushioned ride perfect for fast turnover and quick strides.

Why You Should Buy

  • Lightweight build, perfect for fast turnover
  • Responsive FuelCell foam for energy return
  • Carbon plate propels you forward
  • Traction handles quick turns
  • Versatile for speed work and tempo runs

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less cushioning than maximal shoes
  • Lacks stability features

Ready to slash your PR? The New Balance FuelCell Rebel v3 provides the perfect combo of lightness, response, and propulsion to inject speed into your strides.

Noteworthy Features

The Rebel v3 shines with its springy FuelCell foam and propulsive carbon plate. FuelCell foam delivers an energetic, lightweight ride perfect for fast turnover.

The embedded carbon plate channels energy into forward motion, helping you run faster. It sits between the foam midsole and rubber outsole to snap your foot forward as you transition through each stride. As a result, It provides added springiness while directing energy into propulsion.

Besides, its wide-toe box enables natural toe splay while the durable rubber outsole grips turn. Allowing natural toe splay reduces fatigue while improving circulation and stability for better performance.

From interval repeats to tempo runs, the Rebel v3 offers race-ready responsiveness. For runners seeking speed, this shoe delivers.

Price $130
Upper Material Mesh
Midsole FuelCell foam, carbon plate
Outsole Rubber
Weight 8.8 oz
Drop 4 mm

Best For Marathons or Long Distances: Brooks Glycerin 20

Brooks Glycerin 20

When you need plush cushioning that goes the distance, the Brooks Glycerin 20 is built to deliver. With its soft DNA Loft midsole, rockered design, and roomy toe box, the Glycerin 20 provides superior shock absorption and comfort over any distance.

Why You Should Buy

  • Plush DNA Loft v3 cushioning absorbs impact
  • Durable build withstands heavy mileage
  • Rockered design enhances efficiency
  • Wide toe box improves comfort and stability
  • Versatile for long runs to speed work

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less responsive than lightweight racers
  • Lacks pronation support features

When you need a shoe that can go the distance in cushioned comfort, the Brooks Glycerin 20 delivers. It provides superior shock absorption and durability to keep your legs feeling fresh, no matter how many miles you rack up.

Noteworthy Features

The Glycerin 20 shines with its DNA Loft v3 midsole, Brooks’ softest and most responsive foam. It attenuates impact and fatigue across long distances and varied paces.

The rockered MetaRocker midsole of the Glycerin 20 helps propel your stride, while the wide-toe box improves stability and comfort. This curved shape helps roll your foot smoothly into the next stride for a more efficient gait cycle.

Allowing natural toe splay reduces irritation on long runs. Combined with plush DNA Loft cushioning, the Glycerin 20 keeps you comfortable no matter how far you roam.

For marathon training or tackling double-digit distances, the Glycerin 20 provides versatile cushioning in a durable package.

Price $140
Upper Material Engineered mesh
Midsole DNA Loft v3 foam
Outsole Rubber
Weight 10.2 oz
Drop 10 mm

Best For the Environment: Allbirds Tree Dashers

Allbirds Tree Dashers

For an eco-friendly shoe, check out the Allbirds Tree Dashers. Crafted using renewable and sustainable resources like eucalyptus tree fiber and sugarcane foam, these shoes reduce waste while still delivering on performance.

Why You Should Buy

  • Sustainably made from eucalyptus tree fiber and sugarcane foam
  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Good traction on varied terrain
  • Durable for longevity to reduce waste

Why You Should Avoid

  • Lacks pronation support features
  • Not ideal for technical trail running

With its eco-friendly materials, the Allbirds Tree Dashers offer a sustainable choice for environmentally-conscious runners. These shoes reduce waste by combining breathable eucalyptus uppers with durable sugarcane foam midsoles crafted using renewable resources.

Noteworthy Features

The lightweight eucalyptus fiber uppers stay cool even on long, hot runs. Underfoot, the bounce sugarcane foam midsole cushions landings while rubber outsoles grip the ground.

By selecting sustainable materials, the Tree Dashers provide a green option without sacrificing performance.

Price $105
Upper Material Eucalyptus fiber
Midsole Sugarcane foam
Outsole Rubber
Weight 7.6 oz
Drop 4 mm

Best For Trail Running: Salomon Speedcross 6

Salomon Speedcross 6

The Salomon Speedcross 6 is built for conquering technical trail terrain with confidence. Its deep lug Contagrip outsole and durable synthetic upper allow you to tackle rocky ridges, loose dirt, and uneven ground.

Why You Should Buy

  • Deep lugs bite into loose, uneven terrain
  • Protective upper withstands abrasion
  • Stable platform for off-trail running
  • Grippy rubber outsole tackles technical trails
  • Durable build for rugged landscapes

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less cushioning than road shoes
  • Rigid midfoot support decreases flexibility

Ready to take on technical singletrack and rocky ridges? The Salomon Speedcross 6 provides an aggressive grip and protective upper purpose-built for gnarly terrain.

Noteworthy Features

The Speedcross 6 stands out with its deep lug Contagrip outsole that bites into the mud and loose dirt. The sturdy synthetic upper shields from roots and rocks while an EVA midsole softens landings on hard-packed trails.

For tackling demanding topography, this trail-tough shoe won’t back down.

While it may be the best trail running shoes for men, it has also made into our list of the 10 best running shoes for women, as it offers different sizes for different genders.

Price $120
Upper Material Synthetic
Midsole EVA foam
Outsole Contagrip rubber
Weight 9.8 oz
Drop 4 mm

Best For Wet Conditions: Brooks Ghost 14 GTX

Brooks Ghost 14 GTX

Brooks Ghost 14 GTX is engineered to power you through wet conditions. Thanks to the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane integrated into the durable mesh upper, this shoe keeps your feet warm, dry, and comfortable even when pounding through puddles and precipitation.

Why You Should Buy

  • Waterproof Gore-Tex membrane keeps feet dry
  • Provides cushioning and support on slick surfaces
  • Durable build for puddle-filled paths
  • Grippy outsole for wet roads and trails
  • Protects in rain, sleet, and snow

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less breathable than non-waterproof shoes
  • Heavier than lightweight trainers

Don’t let winter weather dampen your miles. The Brooks Ghost 14 GTX combines waterproof protection with steady cushioning and support. Rain or shine, it’s engineered for wet conditions.

Noteworthy Features

Within the durable mesh upper, a Gore-Tex membrane blocks out moisture while allowing vapor to escape. The BioMoGo DNA foam midsole attenuates shocks and smooth transitions on slick streets and soggy trails. Through puddles or precipitation, the Ghost 14 GTX keeps your feet warm, stable, and dry.

Price $110
Upper Material Mesh and Gore-Tex
Midsole BioMoGo DNA foam
Outsole Rubber with flex grooves
Weight 11.2 oz
Drop 12mm

Best For Stability: Saucony Guide 15

Saucony Guide 15

The stability-focused Saucony Guide 15 is the best running shoes for men who struggle with overpronation. It’s equipped with GuideRails in the midsole to prevent excessive inward rolling of the foot, guiding you to a more neutral stride.

Why You Should Buy

  • Medial support frame controls overpronation
  • PWRRUN cushioning absorbs shock
  • Durable outsole for mileage
  • Comfortable fit for long distances
  • Guides motion on roads and trails

Why You Should Avoid

  • Structured design is less ideal for neutral runners
  • Rigid midfoot decreases flexibility

The Saucony Guide 15 supports overpronators to correct excessive inward rolling. With its stabilizing frame and PWRRUN cushioning, it guides your stride toward neutral alignment.

Noteworthy Features

The Guide 15’s GuideRails frame reinforces the midsole to prevent overpronation. This allows inward rollers to run comfortably without straining their ankles and knees. The durable PWRRUN foam adds shock absorption for a smooth, stable ride.

Price $90
Upper Material Engineered mesh
Midsole PWRRUN foam with GuideRails frame
Outsole Rubber with herringbone tread
Weight 10.4 oz
Drop 8mm

Best For Pavements and Asphalt: Saucony Triumph 20

Saucony Triumph 20

Offering plush cushioning and shock absorption, the Saucony Triumph 20 is a top choice for pavement pounding. The ultra-soft PWRRUN+ foam midsole compresses easily to cushion foot strikes and reduce joint pain from hard surfaces like asphalt.

Why You Should Buy

  • Maximum PWRRUN+ cushioning absorbs shock
  • Durable rubber outsole for traction and longevity
  • Wide toe box enhances comfort and stability
  • Soft landings mile after mile
  • Versatile for roads, tracks, and treadmills

Why You Should Avoid

  • Less ground-feel due to thick cushioning
  • Snug midfoot fit may not suit wide feet

Runners seeking the ultimate in pillowy soft cushioning will love the plush Saucony Triumph 20. It provides supreme impact protection for pavement pounding.

Noteworthy Features

The Triumph 20 delivers exceptional comfort through its full-length PWRRUN+ foam. This ultra-soft midsole compresses easily to absorb shocks, protecting joints on hard surfaces. The widened toe box enhances stability for a smooth heel-to-toe transition.

Price $110
Upper Material Engineered mesh
Midsole PWRRUN+ foam
Outsole Rubber with herringbone tread
Weight 10.6 oz
Drop 8mm

Best For Innovative Design: Nike Zoom Alpha Fly Next 2

Nike Zoom Alpha Fly Next 2

Boasting unique technologies and innovations, the Nike Zoom Alpha Fly Next 2 is built to smash records. The propulsive carbon plate provides a trampoline-like effect for forward momentum, while the ZoomX foam delivers unmatched energy return.

Why You Should Buy

  • Revolutionary carbon plate propels you forward
  • Zoom foam provides a uniquely responsive ride
  • Innovative Flyknit upper enhances fit
  • Pushes boundaries of running shoe design
  • Durable build for high-mileage training

Why You Should Avoid

  • Very expensive at $275
  • Lacks support features like medial posts
  • Unstable for overpronators

Noteworthy Features

Nike pulls out all the stops with a propulsive carbon plate, energetic ZoomX foam, and seamless Flyknit upper. The curved carbon plate provides a trampoline effect for forward motion, while the bouncy ZoomX foam maximizes energy return. If you want a uniquely designed shoe built to shatter barriers, this is it.

Price $275
Upper Material Flyknit
Midsole ZoomX foam and carbon plate
Outsole Rubber with herringbone tread
Weight 8.8 oz
Drop 8mm

STRYD Dash – The Best Customization Tool for Men’s Running Shoes


For precise individualized fit and detailed run metrics, check out the STRYD Dash. The adjustable knitted upper can be customized to mold perfectly to your foot shape, while the built-in power meter provides insightful feedback on running power, cadence, form, and more.

Why You Should Buy

  • Fully customizable knit upper for a personalized fit
  • Built-in power meter tracks running metrics
  • Durable outsole suitable for roads
  • Tailor the shoe to your foot anatomy
  • Gain insight into your running performance

Why You Should Avoid

  • If it were up to me, I wouldn’t buy it, as its cost is too much for me to bear. Priced at $299, this small customization tool is more expensive than some of the shoes I have listed here. However, if customization and additional metrics reading function are your priority, then go for it.

Noteworthy Features

The Dash’s adjustable knit upper molds to your foot shape for precision comfort. The built-in power meter tracks running power, form, cadence, and other metrics to help you analyze and improve your technique. For runners seeking customization with helpful feedback, the STRYD Dash delivers.

Price $299
Upper Material Fully customizable knit
Midsole EVA foam
Outsole Rubber with herringbone tread
Weight 9.6 oz
Drop 8mm


Finding the best running shoes for men is a personal journey defined by your individual needs and preferences. Cushioning, support, weight, traction, and other attributes must align with your running gait, foot type and training routes.

While testing shoes myself, I look for lightweight responsiveness along with good pavement grip. For my needs, the Saucony Triumph 20 is an ideal match.

Consider your running style and demands to narrow the options. Visit specialty stores for gait analysis to match models to your biomechanics.

What are you waiting for? Whether training for a marathon or running for mental health, there is no better feeling than lacing up and escaping into the joy of movement.

Now get out there, step into your perfect pair of kicks, and experience the magic that happens when the foot strikes the pavement.

You’ll be amazed at your ability to elevate your run with the proper shoes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best Asics running shoes for men?

The Gel-Nimbus 25 offers extremely soft and responsive FlyteFoam cushioning. Overpronators can consider the stability of the Gel-Kayano 29 with its dual-density midsole and motion control system. The Novablast 2 leverages FlyteFoam Blast for lightweight responsiveness to deliver energetic propulsion.

What are the best running shoes for men with arch support?

The stability Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 provides excellent arch support through its DNA Loft foam and adjustable GuideRails. Another solid option is the stability Saucony Guide 15 with its medial support frame and PWRRUN cushioning. Neutral shoes like the New Balance 880v12 also deliver ample arch support.

What are the best running shoes for men overall?

The well-cushioned Saucony Triumph 20 performs well across distances and paces. Runners seeking maximum cushioning may prefer the ultra-plush Hoka Bondi 7. The Nike Pegasus 39 leverages React foam and a Flyknit upper for lightweight responsiveness to deliver a fast, smooth ride.

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