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10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes | Reviewed and Tested by Athletes and Experts

ByAmirah Tan

Oct 24, 2023
15 Best Basketball Shoes with High Praises from Experts

Compatible footwear is necessary in sports. Basketball, of all sports, requires excellent precision and footwork. Thus, the shoes must be ideal for outdoor and indoor use. You will complain of hurtful toes, worn-out soles, and aching legs if you purchase the wrong footwear. Fortunately, there are many options in the market.

I have scouted the market to find the best outdoor basketball shoes. Afterward, I filtered all these based on the customer reviews and the shoes’ key components. This is all just secondary research, which is why I have also worked with my team to test these shoes ourselves so that you can get our honest review.

Key Features of the Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When a player is engaging in outdoor sports, they encounter different surfaces. These may vary from asphalt, concrete, and uneven grounds.

An outdoor surface is unlike an indoor surface. In other words, it is harsh. Therefore, you must evaluate these key features before purchasing your best outdoor basketball shoes.


The buyer must consider the traction when picking the best basketball shoes for beginners. Otherwise, the shoes will slip on damp surfaces. The outdoor shoes have unique grooves to provide stability.

The patterns on the bottom of the shoes will grip different surfaces so you do not fall. Moreover, the unique pattern ensures excellent footing. This way, the athletes can make quick cuts and turns confidently.

Therefore, pay special attention to the shoe’s traction.


The best outdoor basketball shoes do not promote waste. Trust me, you don’t want to change so quickly your worn-out basketball shoes because it’s expensive!

An outdoor sports shoe is designed with unique material and reinforced soles. As a result, they withstand harsh weather conditions, so they don’t scuff, rear, or get damaged from outdoor activities. At the same time, the shoes keep the feet ventilated.


The cushion is the most overlooked factor in picking the best outdoor basketball shoes.

A surface will harm the player if their feet are wrongly placed. Therefore, shoes with cushions will give you stability if you fall. Moreover, they keep the knees fresh.

A cushion system in the basketball shoes is also essential for longevity and full-length wear. They offer excellent protection from the outdoors. The manufacturers place the cushion according to their patent design. You must pick the shoes where the midsole protects the cushion.


Some seek opulence, while others might seek budget-friendly purchases. While it might be in popular belief that basketball shoes are expensive, it’s not usually the case if you dig deep enough.

Of course, you don’t want to compromise on the quality of your outdoor basketball shoes. After all, if you have to replace your basketball shoes once every 2 months, for example, it will be more worth it to buy the expensive ones.

Therefore, the best budget-friendly outdoor basketball shoes need to have longevity.

Pick the right size

Picking the right shoe size is essential for any occasion.

You must maintain the feet fit, especially in basketball use. If you are wearing the wrong size, it results in discomfort.

You may even seriously injure yourself and complain of blisters and cuts. Therefore, measure the feet before browsing the size chart.


High-quality basketball shoes offer sufficient support for the player. The cushion safeguards the feet, thus ensuring the feet arch does not ache from jumping and running on abrasive surfaces.

Nowadays, shoe manufacturers are introducing advanced technology that makes the shoes very comfortable during gameplay and tournaments.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Budget Purchase

Adidas Men’s D Rose 773

Adidas Men’s D Rose 773

One of the best basketball shoes for beginners is Adidas Men’s D Rose, which is also a budget-friendly option.

It is an excellent shoe that equally focuses on value and performance. Moreover, the shoe is very comfortable as well. Sports lovers can wear the shoes for indoor and outdoor activities.

Besides, the Adidas Men’s Dose is also known for its stylish presence.

Notable Features

  • The midsole material has bouncy elements that will accommodate different shapes of feet.
  • The manufacturer has injected TPU for additional stability.
  • Thirdly, the collar is webbed for improved fit.
  • The SPRINTWEB keeps the shoe lightweight with a flat heel.

Price: $51.99-$73.25

Sizes: 5 – 11.5

  1. The traction is excellent for hiking, running, and not just sports.
  2. The best outdoor basketball shoes are made from a sturdy material.
  3. In addition, the mesh material keeps the shoe breathable with maximum airflow. The feet do not heat up.
  1. The shoe will not fit narrow feet.
  2. Some users have complained the traction and cushioning is slow-paced.

Jordan Luka 1

Jordan Luka 1

Jordan Luka 1 is an excellent shoe recommendation for individuals with a limited budget. The pair will not break the bank.

At the same time, you will enjoy a very supportive fit with modern technology. The shoe promotes side-to-side movement. It is reliable on the court, so you can put all your focus on bringing your best performance.

Notable features

  • The embroidered wire at the bridge keeps the feet secure.
  • The 23 foam formula responds to the feet. It answers quickly to movement.
  • Jordan Luka 1 pair offers optimum traction. You can take a step back confidently without damage.
  • On the pitch, these are the best outdoor basketball shoes for the perfect shot.

Price: $110. However, they are a discount on the official Nike Store.

Size: 4.5 – 17 (men sizes); 6 – 18.5 (women sizes)

  1. Jordan Luka 1 are excellent point shoes for shooting guards
  2. They have an excellent grip on indoor courts
  3. The shoes are versatile and can be worn anywhere.
  1. The feet heat up and sweat because Jordan Luka 1 has no breathability.
  2. The shoes will wear out quickly in outdoor activities.

Best outdoor basketball shoes for men

There are 2 outdoor basketball shoes we think are the best for men who look for a masculine design with impressive specs.

Adidas DON Issue number 4

Adidas DON Issue number 4

Are you searching for the best outdoor basketball shoes for men? Then, this section is for you.

The first mention is Adidas DON Issue number 4, with its highly supportive design. It is made from a rigid material that promotes agility. Moreover, it will ensure speed on the court, helping the player to dominate the playing field.

Notable features

  • The sole is made of rubber that offers excellent attraction. The material is recyclable to represent sustainability.
  • The sole of these best outdoor basketball shoes promotes inside and outside support.
  • The shoe has the Spida logo and graphics.
  • It is available in 15 colors.
  • If you are a man with a wide feet, this shoe has big sizes for you, too

Price: $120

Size: 4 – 20

  1. The shoe blends style, ease, and performance expertly.
  2. These are the best outdoor basketball shoes for herringbone traction. You will not slip.
  3. The shoe shape ensures you take quick turns and change direction expertly.
  4. Adidas DON Issue 4 offers impact protection to prevent injuries.
  1. The shoe is slightly expensive and may seem out of budget.
  2. The Lightstrike foam takes a weird shape after consistent use.

New Balance Two WXY v3

New Balance Two WXY v3

Let us introduce New Balance Two WXY v3. I know, the color pink doesn’t scream masculinity. But as it turns out, it has been quite a popular option among men, especially among male young adults.

This might be due to the fact that it is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes in the 2023 exclusive shoe collection. Many manufacturers have paid close attention to this foundation.

The shoe is incredibly comfortable and recommended for outdoor courts. You can jump, land, and sprint without shocks or injuries. New Balance Two WXY v 3 will outperform other shoes on the cement ground.

Notable Features

  • The shoe has a Fuel Cell midsole for heel support. It supports the forefoot as well.
  • The shoe also has a cushion setup that ensures comfortability. You can jump, land, and sprint freely.
  • The New Balance Two WXY v3 is made for tough surfaces to absorb the shock.
  • There is a midfoot clip for additional support on cement floors.

Price: $119.

Size: 7 – 16

  1. New Balance Two WXY v3 is extremely durable. It will depreciate a little at the joints.
  2. The central clip offers excellent lateral support.
  3. The internal cushion will keep the player stable and prevent serious injuries.
  4. The shoe weighs 13 ounces, meaning it is portable and easy to carry around.
  1. The shoe does not have a plush cushion that may cause discomfort.
  2. Refrain from wearing the shoe outside because its durability is poor.
  3. The shoes are costly. Best to browse other options on the list.

Best outdoor basketball shoes for women

Here we look at the 2 best outdoor basketball shoes we think are perfect for women.

Nike Precision 6

Nike Precision 6

You cannot go wrong with Nike Precision 6. The shoes are budget-friendly and promote athleticism.

Furthermore, wearing the Nike Precision 6 for a long time is not painful at all. These are the best sneakers for your wardrobe because they are versatile. The shoes are speedy and respond to footwork quickly whether you are on the court or off it.

Notable features

  • Nike Precision 6 does not compromise on movement and agility. It works alongside the ankle joint.
  • The pre-made cushion/midsole is very soft. You can land and step without injuries.
  • Thirdly, the shoe has an excellent grip for sideway footwork. Its rubber exterior will wrap around your feet perfectly.

Price: $75. However, the Nike store is discounting specific color options.

Size: It is available in women’s sizes 5 – 16.5

  1. The shoe weighs 10 ounces. The lightweight attribute promotes speedy footwork.
  2. It is an affordable option for everyday moms or women with limited income.
  3. There are six colors to choose from. You will always appear stylish.
  4. Nike Precision 6 fits perfectly into the yoga or workout bag
  1. There is limited ankle support because of the low-top design.
  2. Individuals previously with ankle issues or injuries should stay away from purchasing the pair.

Adidas BYW Pair

Adidas BYW Pair

If you are seeking an expensive option, then the colors of BYW Adidas shoes will captivate you.

The shoe has maximum cushioning for the feet arch and heels. Furthermore, the Adidas BYW is incredibly secure at the ankle.

Notable features

  • The midsole has the latest Boost technology to keep the energy levels high.
  • The sole is durable because it is made from a rough and sustainable material.
  • The Adidas BYW pair offers high traction.
  • The Lightstrike technology guarantees a comfortable step on and off the court.

Price: $150

Size: It is available in women’s sizes 5 to 20.

  1. The Adidas BYW pair weighs 12.2 ounces. It is very lightweight and easy to carry around in workout bags.
  2. The pair is available in four vibrant color combinations to transform the wardrobe.
  3. The design and different hues add personality to the look.
  4. The traction and comfort are guaranteed.
  1. The BYW basketball shoes are only available in bright colors. The combinations are not for everyone.
  2. The laces are difficult to tie because loops wear out after some time.
  3. The herringbone grip is very ordinary.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes with the Best Support

These 2 shoes are designed specifically with your comfort as the utmost priority.

The Adidas Harden Volume 6

The Adidas Harden Volume 6

The Adidas Harden Volume 6 is a beige-themed shoe that puts the wearer’s physiological health at its highest priority with its best shoe support system.

The shoe has an excellent grip with added stability for different surfaces. Furthermore, the pops of color will add personality to your outfit.

Notable features

  • If there is anything about Adidas Harden Volume 6, it is the exterior style that grabs the attention of many with the James Harden logo on the tongue.
  • The shoe has an upper, breathable design. It keeps the feet from sweating.
  • Thirdly, Adidas Harden Volume 6 is available in different sizes.

Price: $75.

Size: 4 to 20 (male sizes); 5 to 21(female sizes)

  1. The best outdoor basketball shoes have cushions in the midsole for the ideal foot support.
  2. The shoe has a tongue and collar with padding for more support.
  3. The lace hoops are closely based to guarantee a perfect fit.
  4. Lastly, the midfoot part has additional stability for fast-paced footwork.
  1. The shoes take some time to break in before they feel completely comfortable.
  2. The Adidas Harden Volume 6 does not feel high-quality, despite the promises.
  3. The ventilation is poor.

The Nike Kyrie Low 5

The Nike Kyrie Low 5

The second mention on the list is the Nike Kyrie Low 5. The shoe is a collaboration between NBA player Kyrie Irving and Nike.

It promotes mobility, flexibility, and quick movement on the court. The shoe is incredibly lightweight so you can place it in your bag on the go.

Notable Features

  • The sleek design makes the shoe very attractive. The color combinations are visually appealing.
  • Nike Kyrie Low 5 has been manufactured with carefully resourced material with high-quality construction.
  • The metallic gold accents are new for Nike. The shoe pushes the boundary for creativity in shoes.

Price: $95 – $130.

Size: 7.5 – 15.

  1. The Nike Kyrie Low 5 has excellent feet and ankle support.
  2. The heels are made with Zoom Air to absorb impact from elevated activities.
  3. The rubber sole ensures herringbone traction.
  4. The Dynamic Strap System offers excellent foot security.
  1. The low-cut design will limit support. Some may complain of a painful Herrington bone.
  2. The Nike Kyrie Low 5 is not for narrow feet.
  3. The interior is uncomfortable.

Best Overall Outdoor Basketball Shoes

The Nike Lebron Witness 7

The Nike Lebron Witness 7

After collecting my team’s opinions, we have concluded that the Nike Lebron Witness 7 pair is probably one of the best overall outdoor basketball shoes.

Nike continues collaborating with NBA stars after Air Jordans, and this pair of basketball shoes is the latest addition to the collection. The shoe has the same innovative design with subdued colors for everyday use.

Notable Features

  • The shoes are designed to be lightweight and supportive
  • The entire shoe has the Air Max cushioning technology.
  • It is probably the best outdoor basketball shoe for its forefoot support.
  • Durable sole

Price: $105.

Size: 3.5 – 18 (men’s sizes); women’s sizes 5 to 19.5 (women’s sizes)

  1. The herringbone design is excellent in providing traction for different surfaces.
  2. The design of the Nike Lebron Witness 7 is breathable. The feet will not sweat or overheat.
  3. The shoes do not have the dated Zoom technology. It is a step in the future!
  4. The best outdoor basketball shoes for overall use are available in dark colors.
  1. The shoe sizes are not updated. Therefore, purchase half a size up.
  2. The manufacturer is aware of the size issue but refuses to remedy it.
  3. The shoe is not appropriate for wide-foot individuals.

Under Armor Lockdown 5

Under Armor Lockdown 5

The second mention that is also excellent for individuals who wish for uncompromised support is Under Armor Lockdown 5.

The comfortable design will ensure an excellent performance in the game. It is made from very durable synthetic material.

Also, the Under Armor Lockdown 5 offers excellent ankle support.

Notable Features

  • Under Armor Lockdown 5’s low-top design has excellent movement on the court.
  • The die-cut EVA inside liner offers additional comfort.
  • The outside sole has herringbone traction.

Price: $100.

Size: 5 to 19.5 (men’s sizes); 3.5 to 5 (women’s sizes)

  1. The synthetic material is very lightweight. It promotes foot flexibility and on-court flexibility.
  2. The rubber sole does not compromise on traction on the court.
  3. In addition, the EVA sock liner guarantees cushioning. The arch has excellent support.
  1. The Under Armor Lockdown 5 has limited ankle support.
  2. The size chart is off! You will have to purchase half a size larger.

Bring Your A Game with our list of the best outdoor basketball shoes

If you are an expert in shoes, you already know everything. However, choosing the best outdoor basketball shoes for most consumers could be quite confusing.

And you definitely don’t want to waste your money!

Complementary footwear is a must-have for athletes or sports lovers, and all the shoes mentioned above have additional traction and a design that works to your benefit.

The best outdoor basketball shoes for me would be the Jordan Luka 1. It is an underestimated pair of footwear with the latest technology and a vibrant design. The best part is that it’s incredibly affordable!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are basketball shoes good for outdoor?

Basketball shoes can be worn outside and inside. However, they are safer for outdoor use because of the traction pattern. Furthermore, tough materials ensure longevity. You can wear the basketball shoes outside. However, the weather and dust will wear them down quickly. Also, beware of rough surfaces such as cement or rock, as they quickly shorten the shoes’ lifespan.

How do I choose the best outdoor basketball shoes for me?

Choosing the best outdoor basketball shoes is very easy. You must decide on the playing position and the material. The right shoe will fit you perfectly with enough room for the feet to breathe. In addition, they should withstand jumping, making turns, and running. Lastly, you should consider the style and color of the shoes, as they are subjective choices.

Which outdoor basketball shoes have the best comfort?

The Adidas DON Issue number 4 is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes for comfort. It fits all foot shapes. The Adidas pair will not hurt the arch but support it when running or sprinting. All basketball positions can wear the shoe to perform their best on the court. Moreover, The Adidas DON Issue number 4 is an affordable option if you do not wish to break the bank.

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