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10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet | Our Experts Top-Picks

ByAmirah Tan

Oct 24, 2023
10 Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet _ Our Experts’ Top-Picks

The best basketball shoes for wide feet are difficult to choose, especially because they involve a lot of science.

When I tagged along with my friends to purchase basketball shoes, I could already tell it would be a full day of walking around. My friend would always complain about the comfort of most basketball shoes, as they are too small for her feet.

Most manufacturers do not consider customers with wider feet and a bigger arch. Unfortunately, many wide-footers like my friend have limited choices. We can only imagine the heartbreak when they order the best outdoor basketball shoes only to discover they do not fit.

As the online shopping craze is taking over and physical shops are dying down, individuals with wide feet do not have the opportunity to step into the stores. It makes it more difficult to try on the shoes to find the best fit.

Do not fret because we have your back! Out of the thousand sneakers, below are some of the best shoes for wide-footers today. They will ensure an outclass performance on the court. Let’s check them out together!

Quick Guide To Choosing The Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

There are many things to consider when buying the best basketball shoes for wide feet. Instead of my friend, I brought my professional team to test several basketball shoes. We examine key factors such as price, longevity, cushion, traction, toe box, etc. We finalized our options and filtered them down into 10 pairs.

However, before revealing them, you should know more about things to consider when buying your perfect pairs.

The right shoe size

This is a no-brainer. As with any other shoes, you have to find the right size.

Whether you are searching for basketball shoes for beginners or experts, the correct shoe size matters greatly. When the feet are wide, the wrong shoe size squeezes the thumb. Moreover, the feet feel restricted, which adversely impacts movement. Therefore, look for the thumb spacing and inquire about the top box.

Toe box

The shoes must have an extended box so the toes rest easily. A restricted sneakers tip creates issues for the fingers. Nails will grow internally and improperly. You will complain of an aching foot because the breathability is limited.

Thumb spacing

Secondly, thumb spacing means the distance of a finger at the heel. When you stand and walk in the new sneakers, they must feel smooth. If they are comfortable and do not ache, purchase the pair.


You must also study the cushion. This feature ensures an easy transition, enabling more foot comfort from toe to heel. However, there are many variations of cushions in basketball use. Each type impacts the function of the shoes. Therefore, you can ask the manufacturer for more details if you have wide feet.


The players will slip instantly if the shoes do not have traction. Therefore, traction is essential to stay active on the court. Undoubtedly, basketball is intense. The players are stepping sideways in every direction. Any miscalculated move, slips, and slides will harm their performance.

Excellent grip is essential, too. It will keep the performance above par with excellent footing. You will make fast turns, cuts, and tops. The fear of being injured or falling is eliminated.

Pick an excellent upper material

The best part of any shoe is the upper material that protects the feet from toe to ankle. When finding the best fit, ensure the shoes’ material is strong and supportive. It will balance the feet and prevent them from sliding sideways internally. The movements are stabilized to avoid injuries.

The weight

The weight of the shoes is crucial. The shoes that weigh less promote agility. The players can move quickly. On the other hand, heavier shoes are essential for stability. When picking the right one, you must inquire about the weight and subsequent effect on the performance. Do you wish to have more agility or stability?

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Best Overall Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Nike Men’s Lebron 19

Nike Men’s Lebron 19

Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball shoes are an excellent recommendation to start the list. It is a sleek footwear that offers excellent support for basketball lovers. It comes in black and metallic accents that showcase the wide feet beautifully. Furthermore, the high instep also ensures comfort.

Notable Features

  • Firstly, the Lebron 19 has the latest Nike technology focusing on comfort.
  • Take advantage of the Zoom Air unit at the front and the Max Air unit at the heel.
  • These are the best basketball shoes for wide feet for seasonal, dedicated, and new sports lovers.
  • The fun shoe shape adds variety to the closet with colorful options.

Price: $129 – $169.97

Size: 4.5 – 14

  • The Lebron 19 for men has researched dynamics to accommodate wide feet.
  • The high-top design offers concentrated ankle support. The shoes grip the feet very
  • The shoe has a cooperative rubber sole that is very comfortable.
  • The Lebron 19 shoes ensure excellent performance on the court.
  • The Lebron 19 basketball shoes are very heavy.
  • They may seem bulky in the workout bag or exercise gear.
  • Its traction is limited.

Adidas Men Own the Game

Adidas Men Own the Game

Well, the name itself has already offended many. Putting aside the political innuendo, however, it truly has what it needs to be the best basketball shoes for wide feet.

First off, it has ample space for extended toes. They are perfect for beginners and seasoned players who wish to dominate the court, as they have some of the best comforts.

The shoe will keep the movement fresh, so run through the baseline expertly. Lastly, the shoe is manufactured with recycled plastic with minimum waste.

Notable Features

  • The Adidas Men Own the Game Basketball Shoe has a high-top design.
  • The shoe features ankle support so you can play for a long time.
  • The sneakers are also available in kid’s sizes to encourage young minds to participate in sports.
  • Adidas Men Own the Game Basketball Shoe is available in three colors at discounted rates.

Price: $60 – $75 with 20% and 30% discounts

Size: 6.5 – 15

  • The shoe has a high instep, designed with wide feet in mind.
  • The ankle support will prevent injuries during playing.
  • The best basketball shoes for wide feet have excellent cushioning.
  • the material is also durable enough to withstand the court’s toughness.
  • Some individuals have complained that the shoe is heavy.
  • The material and design take time to break in.

Best Budget Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Nike Zoom Freak 4

Nike Zoom Freak 4

Nike Zoom Freak 4 is affordable and excellent for everyday use. Moreover, it has incredible cushion, which is hard to find in a relatively affordable shoe.

Your wide feet will breathe with its extended base.

Notable Features

  • The Nike Zoom Freak 4 is made up of three layers of material. It ensures durability.
  • The shoe has a multidirectional traction pattern to guarantee grip on the court.
  • Celebrate an excellent transition from head to toe. It has paddings and lace locks.

Price: $97.97 after a 24% discount on the Nike store.

Size: 3.5 – 18.

  • Because of the traction pattern, the player can move sideways, do dashes, and do sudden movements.
  • The forefoot has two Zoom Air units with springs for aggressive movements.
  • The player can move backward and forward without a ruined balance.
  • The upper portion of the shoe is made from highly durable mesh.
  • Unfortunately, its outsole is unreliable and thin.
  • You cannot wear the Nike Zoom Freak 4 on wooden surfaces.
  • The cushion is not set up properly, which compromises the quality.

PEAK High Top Lou Williams

PEAK High Top Lou Williams

Another budget-friendly mention in the list is Lou Williams by PEAK.

It offers elongated comfort to the wear. The shoes are manufactured with top-quality, synthetic leather. It has tensile strength and other features which make it an excellent option for wide feet.

Lou Williams basketball shoes have an updated formula, which makes them ideal for plastic and cement services.

Notable Features

  • The shoes are made of ethylene-vinyl acetate shole.
  • The PEAK Lou Williams shoes have been gesticulated to reduce foot pain.
  • The outsole is manufactured with long-lasting and solid materials.
  • In addition, its top-quality, non-eroding performance pleases the customers.

Price: $69.99 at the Amazon store

Size: 7 – 14

  • The shoe has leadership material that is excellent for absorbing impact.
  • Lou Williams shoes do not cause toe injuries.
  • The shoe arrives in a leather heel with a mesmerizing logo at the peak.
  • The manufacturer’s customer support team is friendly and easy to reach.
  • Lou William basketball shoes are very unstable in high-intensity workouts.
  • Synthetic leather is uncomfortable in warm weather. The feet sweat uncontrollably.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro

Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro

Individuals who have purchased the Nike Air Jordan 3 Retro pair rave about its comfortability and arch support. It is a classic sneaker that appeals to the general demographic.

Notable features

  • The Nike Air Jordan 3 has a black, iris, and cement combination.
  • Among the vibrant colors, the earthy tones stand out on the court.
  • The pair has a Desert Elephant texture on the upper part for additional style.
  • In addition, these best basketball shoes for wide feet are made of synthetic material with a long-lasting rubber sole.

Price: $305 – $350.

Size: 7.5 – 14 sizes.

  • You can wear it to the basketball and volleyball games. It is a very versatile pair.
  • The design focuses on ankle support so the feet are not stressed during exercise.
  • Alongside innovation, the shoe looks stylish. These best basketball shoes for wide feet add to the personality and the outfit.
  • These are not the best basketball shoes for wide feet in terms of variety. Some customers prefer colorful options.
  • Air Jordan 3 is slightly heavy, making it difficult to carry around.
  • Lastly, the Desert Elephant texture attracts dust.

UA Lockdown 6

UA Lockdown 6

How about a color option to liven up the closet? Have you heard of the UA Lockdown 6?

It is a preferred pair of basketball shoes for someone with wide feet. Its design is very convenient. You will not complain of discomfort even if you wear It all day.

Notable Features

  • These are the best basketball shoes for wide feet that combine comfort and support without compromising on the fit.
  • The shoes are excellent for wide feet with an innovative wide support.
  • Thirdly, Lockdown 6 has excellent traction to make quick turns and stops.

Price: $52.50

Sizes: 7 – 17.5 (women sizes), 7 – 16 (men sizes)

  1. The buyer is pleased with the aerodynamic and attractive design.
  2. The high-top design promotes ankle support in a colorful exterior.
  3. The rubber sole on the best basketball shoes for wide feet extends the wear time and useful life.
  4. The UA Lockdown 6 is comfortable on all kinds of courts.
  1. Because of the heavy rubber sole, the sneakers are heavy. Players who prefer light shoes should not buy them.
  2. The breathability is questionable. Refrain from wearing Lockdown 6 in warm, humid weather.

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

Jordan Why Not Zer0.3

The Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is ideal for wide-feet individuals. They were created by Russell Westbrook, who is an NBA superstar.

The pair exude finesse and mobility. Moreover, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 is a testament to the manufacturer’s dedication to increasing performance.

The shoe offers the latest technology for quick movements without complications.

Notable Features

  • The shoe represents Russell Westbrook’s footwear on the court. It is a signature style that sports lovers appreciate.
  • These best basketball shoes for wide feet are true to the size. You do not need to go half a size or full size up.
  • The buyer enjoys the midfoot strap for excellent grip.
  • TPU Heel counter and shank plate add traction for quick feet movement.

Price: $130

Size: 5.5 and up

  1. The Jordan Why Not Zer0.3 has incredible padding at the heel. You will not slip whatsoever.
  2. The zig-zag traction offers excellent support. The TPU plate has excellent toe to heel transition.
  3. The impact protection will prevent injuries on the court. You will bounce back instantly.
  1. The shoe comprises different meshes, textiles, and fuses that look/feel cheap.
  2. The rubber is not appropriate for regular use. Moreover, the shallow grooves make it an imperfect sneaker for outdoor activities.

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 Wide

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 Wide

The New Balance brand has never compromised on comfortability, definitely not on their Fresh Foam 1080 Wide. It is for people who prefer cushioning more than anything else. They are lightweight and keep the players grounded, and they will not wear out quickly because of intense exercises or movements.

Notable Features

  • The complete synthetic material adds to the shoes’ lightweight.
  • The design has an ultra-heel feature that supports the back of the foot. It improves the grip.
  • The Ortho Lite sock liner focuses on comfortability.
  • The mesh upper with synthetic properties keeps the shoe breathable.

Price: $99 – $139

Size: 7 – 16 sizes

  1. The shoe has a fresh foam midsole that ensures airy movements.
  2. Available in 12 colors, so pick the most attractive scheme.
  3. The cushion is quite firm, which many professional players would appreciate.
  1. It is not made for the damp roads.
  2. The shoes lack aggressive traction for sports-related performance.

Best Women’s Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Adidas Hoop 3.0

Adidas Hoop 3.0

Even though the Adidas Hoop 3.0 exterior may not be something out of the world, its performance will surely surprise you. They are ideal for new and occasional players.

I have let my friend try the shoes before, and she said to me that her feet feel like they are walking on air. There is no pain, aches, or discomfort!

Notable Features

  • The Adidas Hoop 3.0 showcases the brand’s long history with sports.
  • The material on top of the is synthetic, but the sole is made of rubber.
  • Has a medium width with a matching heel type.
  • Shows the dedication to science and research in sports shoes.
  • It will quickly become a part of your regular life because of its simplicity.

Price: $80

Size: 4 – 14

  1. Its layout and design are ideal for wide-feet playing dynamics. The toes do not squeeze.
  2. The Hoop’s high-top-based design offers incredible ankle support and additional grip.
  3. The rubber sole shifts according to the foot arch for comfort.
  4. The shoe shows incredible support on the court and improves performance.
  1. Adidas Hoop 3.0 is not the most breathable. The feet will sweat each time.
  2. The shoes weigh more than traditional sneakers. Thus, affecting the speed and movement on the court.

Puma Clyde Sneaker

Puma Clyde Sneaker

While perfect for wide feet, the Puma Clyde is also a shoe with a bold fashion statement. The shoe will not compromise the performance on the court.

Moreover, the Clyde has sufficient room for the wide feet to feel comfortable. The heel and midfoot have sufficient width to balance the foot support. Waly Clyde Frazier, an NBA legend, inspires Clyde

Notable Features

  • The Puma Clyde Sneakers are made from a hundred percent synthetic leather.
  • They have an imported rubber sole for additional comfort and stability.
  • The low-top design supports the arch through different exercises, thereby making it more apt for wide-footers.
  • The shoe is a commitment to reduce waste on the planet for a sustainable future.

Price: $64.95

Size: 4.5 – 13

  1. The Clyde pair offers excellent traction on different surfaces. The shoes grip the different areas expertly.
  2. The ProFoam cushion technology helps ameliorate the impact on your feet
  3. The material is very lightweight with optimal foot support. It is flexible with excellent fitting.
  1. The material promises to be genuine leather, which is questionable.
  2. The shoes are slightly heavy, which makes movement very slow.


When you know the secrets and techniques, buying the best basketball for wide feet is not difficult. The elements mentioned at the start of the discussion will help you make an informed buying decision.

Another helpful tip is prioritizing comfort and performance equally. The right pairs can make a worldly difference in the performance of beginners or occasional players.

Ensure the pairs have a stretchable material to accommodate the wide feet. The midsole must be soft to offer sufficient support.

And if you have a friend like mine, and they ask you to accompany them to purchase their basketball ball shoes, share this article with them. Who knows? Maybe you can avoid the fate of walking around the shopping mall looking for the right pair all day and to no avail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Kyrie 7 good for wide feet?

Unfortunately, the Kyrie 7 sneakers are not the best basketball shoes for wide feet. The 7 series is narrow for longer and slimmer feet. As a result, individuals with wide feet will experience disease. Furthermore, there is limited toe room because the Kyrie 7 has a smaller tip at the front. However, consider looking into Kyrie 6, as it might be better for wide-footers.

What styles of shoes are the best for wide feet?

They usually have an open-ended style with a relaxed layout. They do not fully close. Moreover, the shoes are made from a comfortable, breathable, and soft material. Otherwise, the feet will feel suffocated. Lastly, try going up a size to solve the fit issue.

Are LeBron shoes good for wide feet?

Yes, The LeBron shoes are highly recommended by many athletes. They have the latest technology from Nike, such as Zoom Air. The forefoot has more surface area. The Max Air technology in the heel supports and comforts the wearer. The LeBron shoes also guarantee excellent performance. However, go up half a size for the perfect shoe size.

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