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Top Crypto Mining Apps for Android (Actually Make Money!)

Cryptocurrency mining is done by specialized servers that solve complex computational math problems and are awarded coins in return. While efficiently mining cryptocurrency directly from your phone sounds appealing, the crypto mining app world has seen its fair share of scams aiming to cash in on users’ interests.

According to a report, Android users lost over $20 million to fake crypto-mining apps in 2021 alone. These apps, which make misleading promises of huge returns without any work required, only steal users’ funds and personal data.

In this blog post, we list 15 reliable crypto mining apps for Android that can help users earn small amounts of crypto with mining – if used correctly.

Crypto Mining App Types of App Supported Currencies Fees
Pi Network Gamified Mining Pi Coin Free
Binance Cloud Mining Bitcoin Fee-based
Brave Browser Reward-based Basic Attention Token (BAT) Free
NiceHash Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Fee-based
BTC.com App Cloud Mining Bitcoin Free
Minerstat Mining Monitoring Supports various cryptocurrencies Free
INCrypto Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Free
ARK Mining Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Fee-based
Cloudminer Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Free
GlobaleCrypto Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Fee-based
Ecos Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, Litecoin Fee-based
BitFuFu Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum Fee-based
NGS Crypto Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Fee-based
SFCrypto Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, USDT Fee-based
KuCoin Cloud Mining Bitcoin, Litecoin Fee-based

1. Pi Network

Pi Network

The Pi Network app interface is cleanly designed, with intuitive buttons to navigate different sections. Signing up takes under a minute, and it involves simply providing a phone number and verification code.

Users must then click “Mine Pi” daily to earn coins over time.

The Pi network is one of the reliable crypto mining apps for Android. The app can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Unique features

Pi Network uses a novel approach of Proof-of-Trust and Proof-of-Time consensus algorithms to mine Pi coins through participation. It has also gained significant traction as one of the first projects to develop a cryptocurrency that can be mined exclusively on mobile phones.

With over 15 million users already on board, it demonstrates the potential of introducing blockchain to a mainstream mobile audience.

Its goal of becoming the first widely adopted crypto designed specifically for phones further sets it apart from traditional mining models, which rely on specialized rigs and equipment.


  • Effortless onboarding and passive income generation
  • Huge community backing and engagement levels
  • Innovative approach to blockchain participation


  • Yet to launch mainnet and prove scalability
  • Centralized control and lack of technical whitepapers
  • The actual value and use case of Pi coins are still uncertain

2. Binance


The Binance app offers multi-device cloud mining for Bitcoin with a friendly interface. Users must sign up, go to “Binance Pool,” and purchase BTC hash power to start mining. Payments are sent daily to your spot wallet. Reliable crypto mining apps for Android are also available on the Play Store and can be directly downloaded from the Binance website.

Unique features

Binance stands out through its integration of mining functionality directly into the feature-rich Binance app. As the largest crypto exchange by volume, Binance already provides a comprehensive trading, lending, and savings ecosystem.

Its decision to incorporate cloud mining allows it to tap into this large user base. Users can seamlessly purchase Bitcoin hash power using wallet balances with a single tap.

Binance’s ability to instantly settle and credit mining payouts straight into user spot accounts creates a cohesive crypto experience.


  • Backed by the security and standards of a leading centralized exchange
  • Mining simplified into an intuitive app interface
  • Rewards come in a liquid crypto like BTC


  • Only supports Bitcoin mining currently
  • Market risks due to dependence on BTC price
  • Minimum contract durations add commitment

3. Brave Browser

Brave Browser

The intuitive Brave Browser lets users seamlessly browse privately while accruing BAT tokens through opt-in advertisements. BAT can be used to tip or get paid by approved sites and creators.

Brave’s interface closely mimics regular browsing with an additional sidebar for wallet and rewards management. Signing up is not required to use the browser and earn BAT. Users must simply enable the ads shield to view notifications and begin passive BAT accrual. The Android browser app can be downloaded from the Play Store and GitHub.

Unique features

Brave Browser introduces an innovative approach: users can earn BAT tokens through opt-in ads served privately within the browser. At the same time, Brave protects user privacy as its default function by blocking ads, trackers, and unwanted website elements.

This ability to accrue tokens through regular browsing while enhancing security and limiting resource utilization through Brave’s proprietary ad framework sets it apart. Its direct value exchange protocol between users and content creators through the in-wallet Brave Payments system facilitates token utility within the browsing ecosystem.


  • Additional income source for regular Internet usage
  • BAT is an Ethereum-based coin with good liquidity
  • Browser enhances online safety with tracker blocking


  • Rewards can be under $5 per month for casual use
  • Geographical restrictions on the Brave Rewards program
  • Browser-centric model limits fungibility of earnings

4. NiceHash


NiceHash’s intuitive app facilitates cloud mining and equipment rentals. Users can monitor mining activity, manage wallet addresses, and purchase hash rates from the marketplace.

The NiceHash app interface presents a catalogue-style listing of available cloud mining plans. Registering takes under 5 minutes, and KYC is optional. Users can then browse plans, place rental orders, and track payouts.

This reliable crypto mining app for Android is also available on the Play Store and can be directly downloaded from the NiceHash website.

Unique features

NiceHash stands out through its transparent marketplace, which connects miners directly with individuals and organizations seeking rented hash power. By aggregating crypto mining equipment listings from sellers globally and automating orders fulfilled through its online auction system, NiceHash simplifies hash rate rentals.

Its ability to source rigs of different specifications from individual miners worldwide while setting market-based pricing creates flexibility. NiceHash also provides exceptional 24/7 support that complements the advanced features of its mining marketplace portal.


  • Wide selection of rigs from professional and casual miners
  • Automated settlements with competitive rates
  • Flexibility to rent power for preset durations


  • Market risks depend on profit switching to the most lucrative coin
  • Additional fees for payments and withdrawals
  • Technical parameters add complexity vs. simplified models

5. BTC.com App

BTC.com App

This app’s graphical interface helps monitor mining pools from a leading organization. Critical stats like hash rate, network difficulty, and rewards are displayed in real-time.

The BTC.com app dashboard has an uncluttered layout focusing on critical stats. Users need to sign up with essential details to access the stats of their pool operations.

Connecting its mining rigs requires firmware integration with BTC.com protocols detailed on its website. The reliable crypto mining apps for Android can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Unique features

The BTC.com App’s intuitive interface lets users glean insights into complex pooled mining processes. The app provides transparency as a top Bitcoin mining pool by displaying real-time on-chain metrics and statistics.

It further aids the understanding of core blockchain concepts by connecting personal mining equipment. This permits monitoring rig-level performance metrics and tweaking overclocking directly from the app interface.

For those engaged in mining operations, the app’s integration with its rig management differentiates its oversight capabilities from those of general crypto trackers.


  • Transparent industry data enhances mining education.
  • Real-time dashboards efficiently track rewards
  • Integration with own rigs provides granular stats


  • Restricted to BTC.com pool participation only
  • Technical setup needed for rig connectivity
  • Additional cloud mining services are absent

6. Minerstat


Minerstat centralizes control over rigs through an easy-to-use mobile dashboard. Some notable features include automatic stats fetching, health monitoring, and overclocking.

The Minerstat app showcases farm details across different tabulated views. Creating an account involves registering preferred contact modes. Users link their mining pools and rigs by submitting API keys for remote oversight. The Android app is available on the Play Store, and Windows/iOS applications are offered separately.

Unique features

Minerstat stands out by focusing on remote monitoring and control of mining rigs. The app’s automated stats collection and caching of farming data present a bird’ s-eye view of performance.

Its ability to tweak rig overclocking enhances profit optimization remotely. Combined with alerts flagging issues early, this optimizes up-time.

Further granular visualizations aid in tracing irregularities to specific hardware. Power users gain detailed control and maintenance insights away from home. Its diagnostic features set it apart from hands-off cloud services by facilitating proactive problem-solving.


  • Real-time visibility enhances efficiency and uptime
  • Alerts flag issues early for timely resolutions
  • Remote oversight via any device for mobility


  • Actual hardware ownership is required, unlike virtual models
  • The steep learning curve for rig setup and administration
  • Additional costs for electricity and mining equipment

7. INCrypto


INCrypto simplifies mobile mining registration with their $50 welcome bonus. Users can increase rewards through daily login bonuses and viral invites.

INCCrypto’s app boasts an intuitive profile-based interface. Signing up takes under 60 seconds with phone verification. Users can then view mining progress, participate in lotteries, and redeem available bonuses. The Free crypto mining apps can be directly downloaded from the project’s website.

Unique features

INCrypto leverages clean energy sources across industrial-scale mining farms worldwide. Its mobile app then introduces gamified features beyond regular payouts. Daily lotteries and viral referral invites motivate participation through randomized incentives.

Newcomers can assess potential through its $50 welcome bonus, which is credited upon signup. This allows demo mining access before completing the platform evaluation. Its sustainable infrastructure and discovery of cross-device earnings place it among more versatile mining integrations.


  • Free mining trials lower barriers to entry
  • Sustainable infrastructure mitigates environmental impact
  • Significant community backing adds to the reliability


  • Rewards rely on continued app engagement
  • Daily KYC friction may discourage some
  • Bonuses subject to platform policy changes

8. ARK Mining

ARK Mining

The ARK Mining app offers an intuitive interface for remotely managing cloud mining plans. Signing up involves basic KYC, and creating a profile takes under 5 minutes.

Users can choose between multiple mining packages, customize contracts, and have payouts sent daily. The app supports downloads via Android and iOS stores and a web version.

Unique features

ARK Mining stands out through its highly simplified mining experience delivered via an intuitive mobile interface. The app offers one-stop management of customizable cloud mining packages.

Users can choose between multiple contract options to target preferred risk-reward ratios. Furthermore, ARK Mining prides itself on its industry-leading 24/7 customer support, which helps users smoothly throughout their mining journey.


  • Plug-and-play mining with dedicated customer care
  • Flexible contracts optimize costs versus rewards
  • Convenient auto-renewals save admin efforts


  • Relatively higher minimum deposits of $200
  • Additional 0.5% plan renewal fees charged

9. Cloudminer


Cloudminer app presents an easy-to-use dashboard. Onboarding is quick with email/phone registration. Beginners can learn mining fundamentals through its interactive guides. Advanced users can leverage in-built code development tools for optimized tech management.

The Cloudminer app follows a clean tab flow, making discoveries easy. Registering involves basic KYC for verification. Users explore learning resources like interactive guides before investing in cloud mining plans. The app supports downloads via Android and iOS stores and a web version.

Unique features

Cloudminer captures user attention through its dual learning approach, which caters to beginners and experienced developers. The app delivers easy mining access alongside in-depth educational resources to build technical skills over time.

Its powerful suite of programming tools also enables efficient tackling of complex coding projects. Cloudminer achieves balanced development by addressing knowledge and execution needs through an interactive yet productive framework.


  • Catering to all user profiles streamlines adoptions
  • Interactive courses impart a nuanced understanding
  • Development perks boost productivity multifold


  • Lack of free mining entails upfront investment
  • Code tools impose an additional learning curve

10. GlobaleCrypto


The GlobaleCrypto app offers an easy sign-up rewarding new joiners. Dashboard sections for mining, trading, and wallet services integrate all needs. Tutorials onboard users to their one-stop DeFi experience.

The GlobaleCrypto app displays essentials upfront with clear labels. Registration requires elementary KYC for authentication.

Users can initiate activities by accessing dedicated mining, trading, and wallet sections. The app can be downloaded directly from its website and supports Android and Windows platforms.

Unique features

GlobaleCrypto has established a holistic crypto experience encapsulating critical functions within a single portal. The redesigned interface aggregates mining, trading, and storage solutions with intuitive in-app navigation.

Comprehensive educational content equips users to participate confidently in the blockchain ecosystem. This one-click access to diverse offerings streamlines the cycle from earning to transacting cryptocurrencies.


  • Time-saving one-click access to diverse offerings
  • Detailed resources scaffold blockchain comprehension
  • Intuitive UI enhances seamless navigation


  • Subaccounts cannot be merged or deleted
  • Restricted to crypto payments only

11. Ecos


Ecos app prioritizes user-friendliness. Registration captures basic KYC, letting users browse investment plans instantly. Weekly payouts credit earnings as preferred coins straight into private wallets.

Ecos app prominently showcases investment packages. Registering captures essential particulars, approving instant access. Users browse cloud mining contracts and redeem weekly payouts in desired currencies. The Android app is distributed through the Google Play market.

Unique features

Ecos operates on a mission to simplify the cloud mining process as much as possible. The app lowers entry barriers by requiring basic KYC for instant investment browsing.

It further enhances user autonomy by crediting rewards across multiple cryptocurrencies according to preferences. This plug-and-play accessibility, combined with payout flexibility, optimizes mainstream adoption.


  • Entry barriers lowered through app-based access
  • Exchange flexibility enhances portfolio optimization
  • All-inclusive pricing packages mining complexity


  • Limited coin mining support scope
  • Trading bots unavailable

12. BitFuFu


The BitFuFu app’s dashboard enables real-time monitoring of purchased mining rigs. Its payment processor facilitates fund deployment and payout management.

BitFuFu app highlights mining farms on the dashboard. Signing up requires basic credentials for validation.

Unique features

BitFuFu achieves mining transparency through the app’s dedicated rig monitoring features. Users can gain real-time oversight of purchased equipment from anywhere.

The payment gateway simplifies deploying funds into cloud mining contracts or withdrawing profits. These seamless transaction and assistance functionalities make ownership hassle-free.


  • Convenient rig ownership
  • Automated account management
  • Prompt support resolutions


  • Trading bots lacking
  • Limited coin options

13. NGS Crypto

NGS Crypto

NGS Crypto app simplifies account creation within minutes. Users enjoy mining crypto at one of the lowest electricity costs globally.

NGS Crypto emphasizes learning resources on the home page and registering shares high-level KYC details.

Users generate mining links, reinvest profits, and redeem earnings against submitted documentation.

The free crypto mining apps for Android can be downloaded through Android stores or from direct APK files.

Unique features

NGS Crypto focuses on value creation through superior operational efficiency. The platform runs one of the industry’s most optimized mining farms, leveraging rare ultra-low electricity rates.

Sophisticated analytical tools aid strategic choices for maximized returns within this environment. Its multi-channel authentication also ensures optimal access convenience, matching user needs.


  • Ultra-competitive power rates
  • Insight tools back strategic selections
  • Multi-channel logins for optimal access


  • Minimum deposit is around $1000
  • Withdrawal approvals may take 2-5 days

14. SFCrypto


The SFCrypto app has a minimalistic yet pleasingly aesthetic interface. Signing up involves basic details and a welcome bonus of $5 credits to the account.

Dashboard sections orient users to their hosted mining equipment specs, active plans, and daily payout statements. The Android application package delivers compatibility across multiple vendor platforms.

Unique features

SFCrypto’s app stands out through its community-powered mining network, which is entirely powered by renewable energy sources.

It aggregates computing resources from certified green hydroelectric and solar farms located strategically worldwide to achieve peak productivity.

All mining nodes operate optimized firmware and chip designs that have been proven to reduce power needs by half against industry standards. Through such cutting-edge sustainable infrastructure, the platform generates profits while preventing ecological damage on an unprecedented scale.


  • Rewards emerge from clean, productive infrastructure.
  • Hands-free profit settlement
  • Regular payouts optimize portfolio returns


  • Actual physical mining requires deposit commitment
  • Additional fees for currency swaps

15. KuCoin


KuCoin app onboarding is quick and only requires an email. The intuitive dashboard aids in browsing multiple mining coin opportunities. KuCoin presents streamlined navigation upfront. Signing up requires essential identification.

The app supports access through Android and iOS distribution channels and direct web-based mining.

Unique features

KuCoin’s merged algorithm approach introduces breakthrough opportunities in mining diversification. The app’s one-click function facilitates simultaneous participation across top Proof-of-Work protocols to ensure uninterrupted reward flows.

Its intuitive auto-investment feature goes further by automatically compounding profits per customized duration preferences. This compounding effect amplifies users’ holdings multiplefold over time without active management.


  • Introduces mining simplicity to both beginners and experts
  • Merged algorithms assure reward stability
  • Auto-investment grows holdings automatically


  • Limited coin selection versus dedicated exchanges
  • Additional fees for advanced trading needs


While mobile mining can be an engaging introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies, other profitable options may exist.

Cloud mining platforms offer a potentially more lucrative alternative, but users should exercise caution and conduct thorough research to avoid falling victim to scams or unrealistic promises.

The reliable crypto mining apps for Android outlined in this guide represent legitimate and trustable options, each with unique strengths and considerations.

A well-informed decision is crucial to maximize your earning potential and ensure a secure mining experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which cryptocurrency is the best for mobile mining?

There is no definitive “best” cryptocurrency for mobile mining, as the profitability and feasibility largely depend on the specific mining algorithm and network difficulty. However, cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR), Bytecoin (BCN), and Electroneum (ETN), which utilize CPU-friendly algorithms, are often cited as suitable options for mobile mining.

How profitable is mobile mining?

Mobile mining is generally not considered highly profitable due to smartphones’ and tablets’ limited computational power. While it can be an enjoyable way to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency, mobile mining will likely generate less income than dedicated mining rigs or cloud mining services.

How safe is it for Android to use crypto mining apps?

The safety of Android crypto mining apps varies greatly. While reputable platforms implement robust security measures to protect user data and funds, numerous fraudulent apps and scams are designed to exploit unsuspecting users. It is crucial to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and only use apps from trusted and verified sources.

Are free crypto mining apps for Android legitimate?

Not all free crypto mining apps for Android are legitimate. While some apps, like Pi Network, offer genuine opportunities to earn cryptocurrency through gamified mining, others may be disguised scams or use deceptive tactics to generate revenue by displaying excessive advertisements or collecting user data. It is essential to critically evaluate free crypto mining apps and their revenue models before engaging with them.

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